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Challenges Faced While Running a Décor and Wedding Planning Business Apart from being polished, intelligent and hard-working, individuals in the wedding planning business have to be resourceful and think on their feet

By Trishant Sidhwani

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It is famously said that there are two industries in India which are recession proof: film making and wedding planning. The Indian wedding planning industry is estimated to be worth a whopping $50 billion. It is the second largest in the world, closely trailing the $70 billion wedding planning market in the US. The cost of an Indian wedding could range from INR. 5 lakhs to an eye-popping INR. 5 crores. Of course, there are outliers like the massive 700 crore wedding which was recently held by one of India's leading businessmen. There are close to one crore weddings that take place in India every year. This means wedding planners can look at servicing 30,000 weddings per day! In India, an average individual can be expected to spend 20per cent of his net worth at that time on the wedding or activities related to the wedding.

In spite of these scintillating numbers, as with every industry, there are multiple challenges that arise while running a décor and wedding planning business. Some of them being:

1. Working at Heritage Palace Properties

Heritage palace properties are so spectacular, they take your breath away. They may have majestic staircases, enchanting legacies, exquisite sculptures, graceful fountains and expansive spaces that can be the perfect venue to host a celebration. They are drenched in opulence yet have an aesthetic appeal. At the outset, it may seem that organizing a wedding at a heritage Palace property is amongst the easiest things to do as it is already full of splendour. But executing wedding décor at such properties is a massive challenge. The décor has to be planned in such a way that it complements the Palace property while simultaneously adding to its charm and not overriding it. One also needs to be careful about not damaging the structure in any way and hence the entire planning process has to be carried out with utmost care and foresight.

2. Managing Everyone's Expectations in the Family

It is the wide belief that marriages in India are not just between two people but between two families. Once the wedding is fixed for a couple, there are many members of both families that have various opinions for everything; right from what the bride and groom must wear to how each ceremony should be planned! This invariably results in too many opinions that may cause confusion for the parents as well as the wedding planner. An experienced planner knows how to balance everyone's expectations without letting anyone down and ensuring that the couple's requests are given priority.

3. Florals

Flowers are an essential part of wedding décor and when done right increase the charm of any setup. Flowers being perishable come with their own set of challenges and there are a number of things to be taken into account while working with them. As the weather and temperature pose a challenge, the expertise and experience of the wedding planner come into play. Managing storage, import of exotic flowers, and timing the set up so that the floral arrangements remain fresh until the end of the event all reflect the skill set of the décor company. Indian weather is highly unpredictable with rains in winter, scorching summers and unexpected strong gusts of wind; the wedding planner must be ready to face anything! Time taken for floral arrangements is directly proportional to how elaborate they are and this is why perfect planning is essential to make sure that there are no last-minute delays!

4. Working With Client Budgets

Even though Indians spend lavishly on weddings they are also extremely cost conscious. They may not want to compromise on their expectations even though the budget could be limited. Fitting all their demands within the final cost without falling short of delivering the best possible wedding experience is a massive challenge.

5. Staying on Trend

We are living in an age where trends change faster than you can swipe right. Thanks to the internet and social media platforms, the latest trends are accessible to a large segment of our population. Customers are also well versed with fashion and have discerning tastes. They are also aware of the latest technological developments in weddings. A wedding planner must always be updated and at the top of their game when it comes to recommending and using the latest trends across fashion, décor, technology, photography and videography.

6. Artist and Vendor Management

Weddings also provide an opportunity for artists to entertain and show their skills. Right from actors to comedians, magicians to singers and dancers, Indian weddings are keen on holding the next interesting performance. There are multiple vendors who are involved in making a wedding successful. Florists, caterers, rental vehicle providers and many more.

A wedding planner might find themselves coordinating between artists, their personal assistants and vendors. There could be last minute cancellations, changes or demands by either artists or vendors or the families. An experiencing wedding planner must successfully be able to walk this tightrope and pull off a fantastic show.

7. Being Ready for Anything!

A rain shower in the middle of November, strong gusts of wind in the summer or unexpected weather conditions can pose as a challenge during wedding execution. The produce for the caterer may get spoilt, the wrong flowers could be set up and the priest might get late. A relative or friend could fall sick at a destination wedding with no doctor around! A wedding planner must be thoroughly equipped to handle any situation and must always be ready with a plan "B'.

One can surmise that being a wedding planner is no cakewalk. Apart from being polished, intelligent and hard-working, individuals in the wedding planning business have to be resourceful and think on their feet. The next time you walk out of an enjoyable wedding, do bear in mind that a wedding planning firm would have most likely worked tremendously hard to make it a success.

Trishant Sidhwani

Director of DreamzKrraft Wedding

Trishant Sidhwani, who is the director of DreamzKrraft Wedding based in Mumbai, which has carried out luxury weddings for industrialists and celebrities.  He also helped curate the wedding decor for the Amazon prime show- Made in Heaven. 

He has been successfully running the business for over 5 years, and was an entrepreneur himself, who previously launched Flickbay- an equivalent app to IMDB for Bollywood. DreamzKrraft is launching their luxury wedding online portal as well on 15th May, 2019.

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