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How Innovative Fashion Turns Into A Perspective Entrepreneurial Venture The story of success through perseverance and attitude

By Manmeet Singh

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Understanding the value that an entrepreneur brings to the marketplace is opening up the market. An entrepreneur discovers the niche that is missing and captures it with his uniqueness in product or service/solutions range.

Eugen Burdu? in his work "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship' gives the definition of an entrepreneur as "a person who creates new businesses, taking risks in achieving the objectives which they propose to make profits and growth by identifying some important opportunities."

By this very definition, every venture needs that exceptional quality to bring it to fruition. The distinct "new' business – it may not necessarily be "creating' new businesses, it could just be a new idea or a new twist to an existing business.

Nowadays businesses do not need a physical marketplace to sell their wares, online is the new medium. Social media is the latest bridge to conduct sales. Social media, as a path-making marketing and sales medium, is gaining prominence and has seen to be successful in many cases.

Identification of that important opportunity is vital and while entrepreneurs think deeply on ways to capture the market, it is sometimes just being there at the right time that makes all the difference.

But to understand and capture the marketplace, a mere factor makes a difference and that is Innovation. Innovation is that exclusivity that necessitates building an empire that will continue to last eons of time in this roller coaster of an industry. It is necessary to understand what the customer wants, what the customer needs, and what the customer hopes to receive and what the customer gets.

Keeping the customer in mind, the technology age has uplifted many in the marketplace. It may not only be physical products, but even ideas, people, services, solutions, Innovation has been at the epicentre of the age. These need to be useful and need to find that niche to capture the markets.

BPO as an industry did not exist 25 years back. 100 years ago the airline industry or even the automobile industry was a phenomenon. The first computer was a huge monstrosity; no one believed that a mobile phone could replace cameras, computers, calculators, emails, scrabble games, maps… phew the list is exhausting!

That is the value that innovation and thinking bring to the marketplace. It is always a thought that first germinates to enable industry to its greatness. Utilising the right technology, and foreseeing trends, capturing data and analysing them to forecast.

For that one must understand that products are not merely physical items, it plays to the emotional or psychological side of a person. That satisfaction is now called Retail Therapy.And to get to this term, we find that it is an innovation in getting sales.

Demand of a product increases with advertising, Branding is important -devising a new manner that the public understands and that is innovation.

Today adoption and implementation of trending solutions, services and analytics helps your business capture opportunities and deepens customer networks in a world of high-velocity changes.

Businesses need to be, agile and responsive, and have the ability to be adaptive to change, sense incipient shifts in global dynamics, customer-competitor behaviours and accordingly power future profitability. And innovation in responding is vital to the wellbeing of the life of a company. It is the staying power.

Innovation helps industry grow, helps succeed. And funding comes in various forms; Crowd funding is the new innovative idea. Success is built on the steps of innovation. And its sources can be many; the unexpected; incongruity; innovation based on need; changes in the industry and marketplace, perception, mood, meaning; demographics; and new knowledge.

Ultimately this rests on the entrepreneurial character. Innovation is a development, the translation of an idea and leading it to success is imminent. Manmeet Singh Oberai, Founder & Director of Amey Global Solutions has come a long way. He has evolved into a highly analytical go-getter, by taking every challenge thrown at him, as an opportunity to grow and create value for his organisation and clients.

Diligently applying himself, both as an individual and a team head, Manmeet has developed a strong foothold in the domains of People Management, Customers' Query Resolution and Customer Relationship Management, Quality Control, Centre Administration, and Operations Management. He keenly comprehends and intercepts the evolving trends within the ITES/BPO industry, in India and overseas.

He has successfully transitioned across many industry verticals – BFSI, Telecom, Retail/Ecommerce, Manufacturing & Automobile, Airline, Gaming, and NGO to name a few. As per project requirements, on several occasions, Manmeet has confidently and patiently mentored and mobilized personnel via intense training modules.

He has also garnered in-the-trenches business experience of project planning and judicious management of resources, for effective strategy implementation, for prestigious clients from the above-mentioned sectors.

Hailing from a family-owned business background, Manmeet has always been passionate about entrepreneurship.

However, he has never begrudged the long road of "experience' to painstakingly acquire skills that today enable him to fashion his innovativeness into an entrepreneurial venture. In 2014, he founded Amey Global Business Solutions with a clear vision to establish an organisation that provides pioneering yet complete set of ITES/BPO services to its clients.

So innovation in thought, word and actuality realises to a grand organisation that is headed towards success.

Manmeet Singh

Founder, Amey Global Business Solutions Private Limited (AGBS)

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