How To Use Instagram's Latest Photo Update For Your Business Growth?

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Did you think Instagram was frivolous and those with the itchy camera fingers were the only ones active on this app? If you did, then it's time to rethink your stand. Per Hootsuite, "75% of Instagram users will take some action, such as visiting a website or downloading an app after looking at an Instagram Ad."

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If you are still thinking it over, then here are some facts you should

Instagram has over 500 million active users every month

Users have shared 40 billion snaps from 2010 and 95 million videos and photos are shared every day.

Instagram is used by 48.8 percent brands, which are expected to rise to 70.7 percent in 2017.

The question is would you like to be one of those brands? I am quite sure you would want to be on the platform that will let you advertise to create a brand following and a strong sales funnel, which has always been your goal. Instagram recently introduced a new feature where it allowed used to upload more than on one image or videos in a single post changing the way interactions happen completely.

This new feature has caught everyone's fancy and is proving to be the best thing since the invention of this photo sharing app, especially for brands advertising on Instagram.

Check out a few ways on how to market better using Instagram...

Use the carousel to share multiple photos: There were times when you wanted to display more than a few products but had to do it one image at a time. Well, with the new update share an entire album in a single post without cluttering your feed on-screen, keeping it new and stimulating. Check the video to see how to add multiple photos to your post.

Publish a how-to tutorial: Putting up a word document with screenshots in a how-to tutorial is passé. Add a little color to your tutorial and create a photographic album and post it on Instagram and reach out to your fans and followers on other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and more without hassles.

Use the photo feature to showcase your product lineup: Of course, you know about the carousel ads, yet this feature is worth reiterating again. Use the multiple photos or video feature to show different products in your lineup or put up different features of one single product. Either way, use this feature to explain your products and services better or introduce the new products you have launched recently.

Talk about your partners: You can showcase your business partners or brand ambassadors using the multiple photo feature. You can add information of events that your ambassadors will be a part of. You can also add details like the name or quotes from them.

Showcase an event video or photo album: Using this fantastic feature you can chronicle your event, put up videos of different event aspects, which may help you garner more response. The number of actions taken would also increase as most millennials are known for their fear of mission out (FOMO) .

Showcase your workplace: Put up pictures of your workplace and get your fans and followers interested in knowing more about your business. If users like updates from you, the business can acquire more likes and followers.

Motivate your employees or a specific team: If you want to highlight a team for their good work or a few employees for their performance, you can do so using multiple photos. Instagram's feature allows you to recognize performers easily and motivates others to do better.

Make Big Announcements: Inform or announce new developments to your followers by posting multiple videos or photos.

Get consumer insight: Put up a set of photos and ask your fans to vote on their favorite one or comment on the one they like the best. You can allow your consumers to decide on the next blog topic or the next special offer they would like your business to offer. Such a feedback mechanism allows for good quality feedback, engages your followers and offers them a sense of ownership.

Use the tips mentioned above and get the benefit of using the newest Instagram feature to market your business successfully.