Is Hiring an Offline Advertising Agency Good or Bad for Business?

Advertising agencies too have been slowly shifting their focus towards online advertising since that is what most clients are after.

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By Sam Makad

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Communication is the backbone of your relationship with clients and consumers. Maintaining a great communication channel means much more than just having strong bylines and media gimmicks. It requires attention to detail and at the same time needs to be nurtured with value addition, both in terms of great content and a supporting line of products to back the business up and generate the revenue for it to work.

In the recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of hiring offline digital agencies and engaging in media buying and selling to achieve the said outreach and connect with the audience. Advertising agencies too have been slowly shifting their focus towards online advertising since that is what most clients are after. It's cheaper to advertise online and in most cases, it generates the boost the brand needs to connect with a much larger audience. But is that actually the case? Does the boost in sales last or is it just another pipe dream?

A business needs to establish and keep a great communication channel to succeed. They must build a brand and nurture it from its very inception. There is no turnkey solution that would do it for them. This is where

advertising agencies come in to save the day. Offline advertising via outdoor channels; be it print, TV spots or any other such channels is essential and has not lost all relevance in the digital age. Offline agencies with a great track record of orchestrating successful campaigns can give your business the much-needed outreach and recall value that it needs.

Yes, there is a flip side to the situation. According to a recent report by the WSJ, the advertising industry is filled with malpractices and these malpractices can leave a massive dent in your advertising campaign. But, it's not always the case. Agencies that deal with media buying and creating ad campaigns can take your business a long way, provided you tie up with the right agencies.

Offline advertising agencies offer solutions that are both creative and effective. They can help you in creating the right campaigns that fit your budget while generating the results you seek.

Creating the right campaigns

Advertising agencies are well versed with research practices that would help your business find the right demographic for a campaign. They not only understand the needs of your business, but also what are the preferences of a certain demographic group of your audience and how they would react to a certain campaign. Creating the right campaigns in terms of offline

advertising needs the understanding of attention spans and the right ways to grab that attention while not imposing the brand on the audience.

Since offline advertising agencies are well aware of media buying and selling activities they help you in positioning your business as per the need of the campaign and, thus, generate the results that you seek. This also brings in the cost effectiveness angle of the situation. If you are working with the right agencies, you would experience superb ROIs in a short span of time. As you would be achieving the results with effective campaigns, you would see the transformation of your brand in the span of the campaign itself.

The advantage of perspective

In-house teams are a great way of managing small campaigns and devising strategies for your business, but more often than not, there comes the point where the need for experts arises. Your in-house team can have the brightest minds, but professionals working with agencies have the expertise and exposure they need to bring perspective to the mix.

Also, it helps your business to get an outsiders opinion working in line with your vision. The best part about this is the benefit of exposure and a better understanding of campaigns that agencies acquire over the years.

Masters of their universe

Advertising agencies have teams of professionals with years of experience in their field and the exposure to utilize that experience and create customized solutions for your business. The creative bent of these professionals makes them one of the best options to create beautiful, engaging, and effective outdoor advertising campaigns.

The best part about hiring an offline advertising agency is that your core team can focus on driving business metrics and achieving business goals. This not only ensures that you are always on top of the situation, but also decreases the burden for your team and helps you in increasing the efficacy of your internal process.

Since advertising agencies come bundled with massive benefits for your business and help you in establishing a consistent voice for your brand by creating superb campaigns, they are your best bet when it comes to taming the advertising world

Sam Makad

Marketing Consultant

Sam Makad is an experienced writer and marketing consultant. His expertise lies on marketing and advertising. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their business and overall ROI. 


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