Last Minute Tips Before Writing CAT

Keep these last minute tips in mind in order to save you from pressure situations:

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A majority of our entrepreneurs hail from ivy-league MBA insititutes. The IIMs of India have housed a number of established entrepreneurs and VCs who helm the entrepreneurial scoiety in India today. To make it to the IIMs one needs to crack a Common Admission Test, more commonly known via its abbreviated version CAT. Here are some tips on how one needs to know beofe belling the CAT!

CAT coaching is an essential factor that determines your success in the CAT exam. It can provide you all the important guidelines and shortcuts to score good marks in each section of CAT exam. But, in some cases these coaching classes and their advices won't be enough for you to crack CAT. There you need to follow certain tips that can really save you from difficult situations. You will be in a state of high pressure during the exam day and that may ruin the whole year's preparation. Therefore, keep these last minute tips in mind in order to save you from pressure situations:

Keep everything ready: Get ready to face CAT exam and make all the necessary arrangements on the previous day itself. Keep all the important documents like admit card, identity card etc., in your bag and make a checklist of all things that you should carry to the examination hall tomorrow.

Be there on time: Punctuality is a major factor that can keep you confident throughout the exam. It will be really good if you reach the exam centre at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the exam so that you will get enough time to relax. This will also help you get adjusted with the exam centre atmosphere and thus you will feel more comfortable to write the CAT exam.

Don't skip the instructions: Try to read the instructions given in the question paper least twice carefully before attending the equations because one wrong move can result in negative marking. Moreover, read the questions carefully before you start solving it.

Easy questions first: Try to answer easy questions first because it will help you to save lots of time. Also, go for those questions first for which negative marking is not applicable. You can ignore those CAT questions, which you are not sure about so that it will save you from negative marking.

Recollect the formulas: Before attending the questions, it is good to recollect all the formulas that you have studied. This will help you to easily identify the type of question and which formula should be used for that particular question.

Create a writing plan: It is good to create a writing strategy before attending CAT. You can divide one hour for each section and try not exceed that time limit. If the time limit exceeds then stop the section and start answering the next section. You can come back for the remaining questions later on if there is time left.

Go through the answers one last time: If you have time left in the end, don't forget to perform a final round of checking of the answers. This will help you to find out errors and missing questions, which may reduce your CAT score.

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