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Now Apps Come to the Rescue During Odd Even Rule in Delhi Technology-backed apps are all set to further lend a helping hand to the common man once the formula swings back into action.

By Kali Charan Shukla

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The Odd Even rule is certainly a very good move by the Delhi Government. While people had a lot of reservations about this formula in its first phase of implementation, after witnessing the impact that it had on the traffic woes and the pollution levels of the city, everyone has been extremely supportive of bringing this rule back into play.

It is commendable how the citizens of the city are ready to make a few compromises on their daily conveniences for the larger good. However, technology-backed apps are all set to further lend a helping hand to the common man once the formula swings back into action on 15th April this year.

A lot of startups and companies that offer convenient mobile applications are going the extra mile to support the Delhi Government in its endeavour to bring down the appalling levels of air pollution in the city. From platforms that offer ride-sharing services to those that allow you to hire a self-drive car on the days that you can't take your own car out, the options for consumers are truly aplenty.

There are also startups that are putting in place measures to gauge the air pollution levels in the city. The objective is to raise awareness regarding the problem amongst the users of the app and to give them a sense of satisfaction that their compromise is actually making a difference to the quality of air that they and their loved ones are breathing.

Helpchat, for instance, India's biggest personal assistant app has released a brand new Pollution Alert Feature. This is buoyed by the success of the Air Quality Index that it had released during the 15-day period in January when the Odd Even formula had first been applied.

The index gave real time pollution alerts to users. The new Pollution Alert feature also gives periodic intimations regarding air quality and the pollution level in the city. It can help users take necessary precautions to avoid the toxic air.

Furthermore, it has a cab feature which displays the nearest and the most economical taxis available to users which they can hail on-demand to navigate through the rule for their daily commute. This feature was used extensively during the first trial run of the Odd Even formula and is sure to facilitate the quotidian travel of the common man in this phase as well.

Kali Charan Shukla

VP Marketing, Helpchat

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