PM Narendra Modi's Digital India Initiative to Bring Huge Opportunity for E-education Sector

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To empower Indian population and extend services better with the use of information technology and its tool, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched his most ambitious "Digital India Programme". The programme aims at transforming the country into a digitally-empowered knowledge economy. The digital India initiative by PM ensures that a collective Rs 4.5 lakh crore will be invested and employment for 18 lakh people will be created.


It aims at bringing as many as 2.5 villages under broadband connectivity. The highlights of the Digital India programme are Digital Locker, E-education, E-health and National Scholarship Portal.

As per the official statement, the PM has already been named Chairman of a high-powered monitoring committee for this scheme and all existing and ongoing e-governance initiatives will be revamped to align them with the larger principles of "Digital India".

Promoting Long-term Vision for Rural & Urban India

Having the largest school-going population in the world, India is on the cusp of a learning revolution. Children of today are digital natives, but education has not kept pace with this technology adoption. The divide between urban and rural India is even starker.

"The Digital India Initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most awaited initiative with a long term vision for both rural and urban India. It aims to connect the whole country at affordable prices, offer high quality services and launch internet enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets. The National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) will act as a catalyst for such services. Cities across the country are expected to launch various smart city initiatives," said Sameer Bora, EVP Research & Development at Next Education India, a fast growing, technology driven company revolutionizing the education system in South Asia.

Prime Minister's initiative will aim to provide high-tech education using state-of-the-art technology to all. This programme can also be used to provide education in far-flung areas, where it may not be possible for teachers to be present in person. The education can be imparted through virtual means as part of the programme.

Aditya Malik, CEO and MD, Talentedge, one of the leading new age, interactive and technology-driven education company, which provides experiential education through innovative solutions, said: "The Digital India Project launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to take the benefits of the digital revolution to the farthest corners of the country. The project will also ensure that government services are delivered directly to citizens. We look forward to the wider impact the programme will have in terms of inclusive education for all and a significant rise in job creation. Talentedge is vigorously working in the online education space and with this impetus we are sure to enable learning with purpose for the nation."

Benefits to the Education Sector

During the launch of this event, PM Modi also pointed towards the benefits for the education sector through the Digital India campaign. Prime Minister assured that even in the remotest area, education will penetrate if it is connected digitally. The heavy load carried by school children daily will get replaced by electronic devices through which they can carry the required material without any physical strains.

Commenting on recent development, Puneet Johar, CEO of To The New Ventures said, "Digital India week is a welcome move with the view to transform the country into a digitally-empowered knowledge economy. The idea is to create awareness and sensitize people from all strata about the ongoing activities under the Digital India platform. It reaches beyond the early adopters to tell people about the utility if digital as a consumer and in their profession."

Rs 1.13 lakh crore Digital India initiative is aimed at broadening digital access for all Indians and making sure that government functions and services are available online to citizens.

Appreciating PM's vision, Ritesh Raushan, Director and Co-founder, THE GATE ACADEMY, said, "Demographic dividend can be leveraged only if the working population is skilled and employable. The challenge to achieve this goal is vastness of the country and to make education and skill development available to the entire population."

Creating Equality of Opportunity

Digital India initiative is a step in right direction which will achieve the fore set goals. With the campaign at forefront, we can now bring "education to people' rather than bringing "people to education'. This can be achieved by leveraging technology to give access to quality education to entire population. If quality education reaches masses via technology, it will also create equality of opportunity.

With Digital India initiative, the future of our country lies in the hand of technology. Today kids' school bags are getting heavier day-by-day, but with the help of this programme the entire syllabus can be in the palm of their hands. "I foresee Indian villages getting online education from the best of faculty across the country. I foresee remote villages and corners of India producing quality engineers, doctors, professionals, MBAs, Chartered Accountants, Entrepreneur and other professionals. This will unlock the potential of the geographic advantage, which we have and contribute hugely to nation building. This is will also result in intuitable creation across the society," said Raushan.