How to Appear More Confident And Attractive

'Keep your chin up or else the crown will slip'

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You have a presentation today; the matter is meticulously framed, are you nervous? What is missing- confidence?


Did you miss making the "right' first impression as you walked in for the interview?

Have you just fumbled or stammered while addressing your employees?

A mere "yes' to any of the above scenarios is a sign of lack of self-confidence and it simply reflects in your personality. Marcus Garvey sums up the relevance and vitality of confidence, "With confidence you have won before you have started." How true!

"A battle well begun and started confidently is half won. All you need is confidence and a smile and you are ready to conquer a new sales pitch or an interview with ease," says Perminder Singh Malik, CEO of Rapid Skillz.

You have tried your best but the results aren't satisfactory. Al you need to do is glimpse through the following handy tips and you will make your way confidently enough.

1. Do your homework well

Be it an interview, sales pitch, addressing the investors or employees, nothing can beat your confidence and enigma if you have well researched your topic and prepared diligently. Do not leave it to serendipity even if you are an expert in the domain.

Mr. Arpit Jain, director of Promatics Information Technologies says, "Even if I have presented my skills to a thousand of foreign delegates, I still brush up my moves and matter before approaching a new client. This makes me confident and lets me stand tall."

2. Professionalism is the key

Mr. Sachin Jain, Director at Girnar Global Study Abroad Consultants highlights the significance of being professional. "I tell my clients and students that being on time and dressing up impeccably is a magical formula to appear attractive and confident. You will be saved of last minute hassle and will definitely make an outstanding first impression."

Dress up business-like and you'll feel the confidence gush in you. Be spick and span and never dress casually except on weekends. The moment you walk into a room is when you cast that indelible first impression. So dress appropriately and never show up late.

3. Upsurge your self-perception

What you feel and think about yourself reflects in your personality. Never undermine and sabotage your confidence and think positively about yourself. Always remember you are unique and respect that uniqueness when you address yourself. Mr. Ashish Gupta, founder of Reva Enterprises admits, "I may not be the perfect boss or the perfect dad. But I always hold my self –esteem high and avoid comparing myself to anyone else to retain my sanity. I give my best efforts and applaud myself at the end of each day for all that I do."

4. Smile and stand tall

To be able to leave an everlasting impression, never let your million dollar smile fade. Always approach the other person with a smile and look into the eye. This will make you attractive and render a positive aura around you.

5. Body posture

An effective way to feel and portray confidence is to have an erect body posture while sitting, standing and walking. The body language speaks volume about your personality. "Keep your chin up or else the crown will slip' is the adage one must never forget. Never stand sloppily and walk with head held high to show confidence and exuberance. You are the boss and you must walk as if on a ramp or army personnel to stand out of the crowd. Irrespective of your height, physique and weight, the way you walk and address others determines your confidence quotient.

Mr. Rajat Bhatia, CEO of Geekay Bikes brings to light, "We have been getting all employees enrolled for personality development classes and the image consultants have helped in making the employees appear and feel more confident to face clients and pitch new sales."

6. Learn a new skill

Learn what you have always loved, be it a new language, music, dance or even a theatre workshop. This will make you the center of attraction in a group as well as make you light hearted in your attitude. If you can help yourself and others face the problem with ease and you are humorous all the time, you will be confident and looked up at all times.

Over to you- "Confidence is your preparation. Everything else is beyond your control'. Stay clear from toxic people around you, stay positive and just work out to get a physically fit posture. Confidence surely is contagious, catch it and spread it. Just believe in yourself and you will rule your world.