Aquatic Therapy Delivering a Faster and more Operative Recovery for Women in Today's World The modern day women are busier and more stressed like never before and Aquatic Therapy is taking care of their health

By Dr Amit Kohli

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When it comes to women and taking care of their health, the focus has always been on weight loss. But what if you're looking to get back in shape after pregnancy, or lower the chances of osteoporosis? What if you want to target certain hormones through exercise or regulate breathing patterns to achieve focused wellness?

Across ages, women experience fluctuations in their hormones that tend to raise various health concerns. During puberty, hormones can start to act up and lead to imbalances that can affect one's health and appearance. Similarly, later on in life, pre and post-menopausal problems can be as painful and debilitating as pregnancy and cramps. For those suffering from PCOS or its side effects, weight gain and obesity pose a huge challenge.

With the Internet and the rapid profusion of information online, sometimes it's hard to keep up with how best to take care of your body. Abroad, water-based exercises have taken off as people have become increasingly interested in the healing basis of using water's natural properties.

So, What is The Science Behind it?

Since the weight of your body in water is approximately 1/10th of that on land, exercising in water is easier. Buoyancy of water helps in reducing the effects of gravity and decreases the pressure on your joints. Water is 600-700 times more resistive than air and it aids in strengthening weakened muscles. Moreover, warm water helps you relax by increasing blood supply to sore and tight muscles, thereby decreasing pain. For patients with neurological injuries, it helps in reducing muscle tone, spasticity and rigidity. Lastly, the uniform pressure of water plus water buoyancy provides support to the body and helps improve balance.

Studies in Europe and the US

Pioneering institutions in the United States and Europe have proven and concluded that Aquatic Therapy delivers a faster and more efficacious recovery when compared to conventional physiotherapy.

Aquatic Therapy helps women in need for Pre and Post Natal Care, suffering from Bladder and Bowel Incontinence, Hormonal Imbalance like PCOS, Pre and Post-Menopausal Issues, Osteoporosis related care, Metabolic Disorders, Gynaecological Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation.

Aquatic exercises improve insulin sensitivity, cholesterol and visceral fat. The organs within a woman's pelvis (uterus, bladder and rectum) are normally held in place by ligaments and muscles known as the pelvic floor. If these support structures are weakened by over-stretching; the pelvic organs can bulge (prolapse) from their natural position into the vagina causing health issues. Aquatic therapy helps strengthen the pelvic floor and address lifestyle factors.

Various Techniques

Within the sphere of aquatic therapy, there are various techniques that help in muscle relaxation, stress relief and circulation. Ancient Japanese therapies such as WATSU (Water Shiatsu) and Ai-Chi are passive and active relaxation techniques that are practiced on everyone including infants, adults, senior citizens and the differently abled. Those in physical pain or under stress can relax with WATSU. Ai-Chi, a gentle form of exercise, is highly recommended for arthritic cases, joint stiffness, balance and motor control. Since endorphins, or so called happy hormones are released, it plays a key role in uplifting your mood. Halliwick technique helps in strengthening and core stability while the Badragaz ring method is for neuro muscular disorders, coordination, strengthening and mobility.

Dr Amit Kohli

Co-founder & Chief Physiotherapist, AquaCentric Therapy

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