These #4 Biggies Predict the Key Emerging Trends to Look Out for Infra Growth in India

With the onset of new legislations like RERA and GST to bring more transparency and ease for buyers, the landscape of architect and designing is also on the verge to be transformed.

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The significant shift in real estate industry is being expected from around the country with the announcement of FY18-Budget tomorrow. With the onset of new legislations like RERA and GST to bring more transparency and ease for buyers, the landscape of architect and designing is also on the verge to be transformed.

Entrepreneur India had a candid chat with some of the big-shots of Indian Real Estate industry on the upcoming trends to look out for, in the 2017-Estate Awards show, organized by Franchise India.

  • "Affordable Housing & Housing for all is the top-most trend for 2017'

As the budget is on the brink to release by tomorrow the most emerging trend at present is the "affordable housing', and "housing for all'. From Government to private builders, the common aim is to come up with low-housing projects, so that every common man has his/her house.

Though the government has sanctioned a lot of incentives already in its Pradhan Mantri Awas Vikas Yojana for the first-time buyers, again the housing for all will be a prime focus after demonetization according to Manoj Gaur of Gaursons.

  • "Compact projects are the need of hour for the industry'

With the high demand in low-cost housing segment, the large opulent buildings are on backseat in the list of trends for 2017. On the basis of which, the landscape of architect and designing is also changing.

"In low cost housing segment, we are already using rudimentary backings. We can use certain blockworks and other artistic works on walls, said Bobby Mukherjee of Bobby Mukherjee & Associates.

  • "Technology is making impossible, possible in construction and designing arena'

In the last couple of years, technology in design has started playing a very important role in the architectural field. This is what helping designers explore a lot of new forms from sitting at one place. The advancement in construction technology has also transformed designing technology.

On being asked about the changing landscape of designing in India, Sonali Bhagwati of DesignxDesign said, "Things like form-follow-function have taken a bit of backseat. Because form follows software, that's what has been a new mantra. We see a lot of space age looking architect. The availability of designing software have made impossible now a possible."

She further added that increasing use of more malleable material, fretwork, and a lot of lighting has started taking precedence, which really give a curve to an architect's design. Today, the lighting is called to be as concrete. Lighting can really transform on everything what we are doing.

  • "Being eco-friendly is the idea of today'

India has a great deal of opportunities coming in, wherein architecture is today a level-playing field. Housing, affordable housing, residential area

Sustainable architecture is the future. The idea should be eco-friendly these days, said Prem Nath of Prem Nath and Associates.

The rooftop of the buildings should have solar panels. Cheap energy and clean energy should be the aim of a builder and also the customer, he added further.

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