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This Startup is All About Giving Visual Treat to Every Travel Story Cherish your travel memories forever with the help of this amazing startup.

By Mayank Gupta

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Travel memories are a collection of photographs, moments, places, conversations, romantic experiences and a lot more. However, over a period of time, all that remains of these memories are scattered photographs, lost acquaintances and vague recollections of travel details, thereby ruining the fun in reliving and relishing them.

Triplived wants to solve this problem by giving a structural and visual treat to every travel story so that these memories are cherished forever.

Petabytes of travel related data is being shared over the internet every day and more than a billion users engage with them, mostly for social engagement.

The economic value of all this data is getting lost, primarily because it is fragmented (moments shared on social media), difficult to retrieve and not usable.

For an industry like travel and tourism that that strives on reviews and suggestions, there is a strong need to preserve all this data in a structure that can be reused and analyzed for growth and refinement.

The main challenge is structuring data generation, especially if it is comparatively large. Preserving the entire trip in a structure can be a daunting task.

Travel blogs do provide a way to preserve, but are tough to write, mostly written post trip (lack the real experiential feel, unless the author knows the magic of words), lack in usability and tough to discover. Moreover less than 0.1 per cent of travellers capture their itineraries in blogs. This is a huge gap and needs to be addressed.

A solution to this problem has a strong social and economic value for users and the industry. A structured database of all your past travel memories that your family can relish and that fellow travellers can use for their trip planning.

Travel partners especially hotels and travel agents put in a huge amount of effort to create experiences for their customers. But their services are hardly talked of and limited to a few testimonials – rarely read by a prospective customer. Their holiday package solutions are still wrapped as the age old standard offering with no linking to real life stories of those who bought them.

This is critical for a travel partner to showcase their service and for a trip planner to make informed decisions.

Triplived has been developed with the aim to structure travel content generation by empowering every traveller with a tool that can very easily and with minimum efforts create their travel stories in real time.

While the traveller enjoys their trip, the application sits on the smartphone and records his entire travel story. The app intelligently identifies when a moment needs to be captured based on user behaviour and makes it a part of his travel story. User can chose to add his own moments in a few taps and make it a part of his timeline.

The entire story is ready with a few minutes of efforts and becomes a patented property of the traveller that he may chose to share for both social and commercial purpose. Imagine Thomas Cook reaching out to the good stories and buying them to improve its holiday package offerings for its customers.

The application smoothly integrates with social platforms like facebook and at the discretion of the travellers allows him to keep sharing his story with friends. While instant gratification is taken care of, the platform makes sure that the real gratification of travel seekers is not lost.

There are "000s of sites catering to "Activities to do" for each city. But organizing ones" travel itinerary based on real experiences – this is where Triplived fills the gap.

Travel as an industry has not benefited greatly from technology revolution, especially when it comes to user profiling, targeted offerings and trip planning. The opportunity is huge and ever growing.

The ride though may be bumpy with many challenges ahead. One such key challenge is content consumption; large number of variables – user preferences, travel co-passengers, travel purpose, budget, interests etc. Pinpointing information of interest from the ocean of authentic, live recorded data is what will define the true success of the platform.

Mayank Gupta

Founder & CEO,

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