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Why You Should Go For Outsourced Telemarketing Over In-house You have more than one reason to outsource the company telemarketing.

By Michael

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Telemarketing is one of the one of the oldest form of marketing medium, which is still being in use in these modern days too. Telemarketing has evolved from a cliché Cold calls, robot calls, or a clear marketing pitching calls to a voice mail, VoIP, video calls, and so on. It's no more a redundant , boring sales calls to be made, it more to do with research, sales techniques , and finding innovative ways not only to make prospect listen but entice them to buy your products and services.

Time and again, lot many things have been said and done about telemarketing, and the majority of it reflects the negative connotations for it, this has to do with no more change in the way they approach. Certainly, you can just search "Telemarketing" either in google or on twitter, you might end you seeing lots of negative feedback for the same. Apparently, those are ones who have fallen flat on their nose by sticking to old rules of telemarketing. Over the years, telemarketing has been developed immensely and evolved at par excellence of other digital and social marketing channels.

However, with one bad or ugly instance of the telemarketing campaign, you or your company end up considering telemarketing as a least workable marketing channels one. In fact, if you look it with the different perspective, it's a very simple marketing tools, and yet effective if done correctly, with all research information and advancement, it's more cost saving and give maximum ROI than any other marketing channels.

The good news is that you can also hire a telemarketer professional or outsource your telemarketing other consultancies. So, in order to escape from an awful experience of sales calls and scripted pitches, and in fact, you have more than one reason to outsource the company telemarketing.

Below are the top five reason why you must outsource your telemarketing activities and campaigns.

Cost-saving and Cost Effective

Outsourced Telemarketing services is the most preferred marketing channels as it's most cost-saving and cost-effective way to generate leads in bulks. As you can outsource it for hourly basis or maybe on bi-monthly, six-monthly or yearly contracts depending upon your business size, and marketing goals. After all, when hired a telemarketer on the payroll, it has lot many overheads and expenses associated with the same. So getting it outsourced telemarketing services with reliable and experienced outsourced telemarketing company, can deliver desired results, generating plentiful leads at the lesser cost and much faster than compared to inhouse employee.

Number of years does matter!

When you outsource your telemarketing campaigns or service, the third party has an expert team with number years of experience exclusively in the telemarketing field. Thus, there are more chances, for you to generate warm and hot leads. They have not only polished their skill on making sales calls but also into sales techniques like doing industry specific research and development and curating conversation on sales call accordingly. This makes an effortless and hassles free journey for your company to generate number leads at one shot of contract.

Time saving channel:

Telemarketing is one of quickest and fastest way to reach your target audience and launch your marketing campaigns. Telemarketing maintains high-quality sales with pipeline of warm and hot leads. Outsource your telemarketing services if you want your sales people to work more on post lead generating and sales cycles. If you outsource your company's telemarketing requirement, you can save lot of time of your sales team which goes in follow ups, sales chasing calls, making cold calls and so on, your sales teams valuable time can be channelize in to other sales activities.

Flexible and versatile

When the telemarketing is outsourced you can have suggested flexible pricing plans, and versatility in the industry specific services. For an instance your business is a seasonal, so you would need more telemarketing support during specific months of the year, or maybe you are facing acute attrition rate and here is urgent requirement to take care of all telemarketing services, an outsourced telemarketing company comes to the rescue.

Maximizes ROI

Outsourced telemarketing companies has have a track record to deliver maximum ROI and they are hired on the contractual basis, thus all thisthese minuses the employee hiring overheads. Outsourced telemarketing is consistent, reliable and yet quick in delivering their results. Having an employed staff for telemarking is but obvious raises the expenses and thus minimizes the ROI.


Marketing Manager, Ampliz

Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.  He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam in terms of email marketing.

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