Why Women at C-Suite Level Are Double the Loyal to an Organization than Men (Infographic)

A BCWI study confirms that top companies are enthusiastically formulating better policies to retain female employees at the C-Suite level

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Losing an efficient employee due to organizational shortcomings could be a nightmare for the leaders. While replacing a capable team member could be hard, hiring an equally proficient professional could take ages. Not to forget the expenses and hard work it takes to recruit and train a new staff member. Same won't be as difficult for the junior or managerial level employees as it would be for the C-Suite level ones.

More than often, females quit their jobs due to added responsibilities and domestic pressure, handling which with the insensible organizational structure is hardly possible. A number of new and old companies don't believe in providing a flexible environment to their employees, which works negatively for their workforce, especially the women. The end result – a hard-working employee walking out of the organization.

For any organization, a good hire holds the utmost value. They understand the importance of a professional which is why they are changing their ways and enthusiastically forming policies for employee retention at the C-Suite level. Men are world renowned for being ambitious, women are too but they seek job satisfaction and stability more than anything which refrains them from wandering around looking for better opportunities every now and then.

Women at Work

As per the third edition of Best Companies for Women in India study conducted among 345 employers in the country by AVTAR Group and Working Mother Media, women's attribution rate is lower than men at all the levels in the corporate hierarchy. The report suggests that companies which invest in developing and growing women into leadership while focusing on the holistic well-being of their employees are more likely to retain their talent.

Many companies are increasingly driving initiatives that address the challenges faced by women professionals during various facets of their professional and personal pursuits, specifically around maternity. The report suggests that 71 of the 100 best companies have Formal Phase-Back Programmes or structured reintegration programmes for returning mothers in form of mentoring, skill-building programs and child care services.

Support by Organization

"Offering such support, especially at critical life events like maternity, help women professionals navigate emotion hurdles and move on to build successful, sustainable careers. With personalized hand-holding, their engagement with their employers is heightened and growth to leadership is a natural, logical extension," commented Dr Saundarya Rajesh, Founder and President of AVTAR Group.

Some companies also provide gender inclusive programmes, which can be availed by all employees irrespective of their gender identity. Their initiatives include stress reduction programmes, mental health consultation, relationship counselling, grief counselling and emotional support counselling. All these efforts contribute to higher women employability and their retention potential. Have a look at the infographic based on BCWI study to ascertain women retention at corporate executive level:

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