10 Great Thoughts to Learn, Live, Hope and Grow

We learn, we improve, and we make changes every minute and that is the sign that we are moving forward in life

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There is something about listening to different perspectives, it broadens your horizons and fills your soul with a little light. Every year that adds to your life, reflects your persona. Like it or not, the way you think is crucial in building your outlook towards how you see this world and life.


Reading is another factor that gives you an opportunity to tap into the unexplored world. The universe out there is larger than one can envision.

What you think is a very small fraction of the greater good out there. Albert Einstein once said, "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." The statement might sound simple but the thought-process behind it can is all one need to implement.

Great thoughts often make a lasting and honest impact on the human brain. So why not make today all about embracing a better approach?

Here are ten thoughts that will make you realise that there is so much out there and we are still living under a rock, stopping ourselves from learning, growing, living and hoping.

1. Contentment ≠ Achievement

If only achievements could make us happy, life would have been so simple. We often mistake procurement with contentment. In reality what we gain is just one source of happiness; it isn't the foundation of it. To put it simply, success is cherry on top of the cake, but unless we don't appreciate the cake, happiness is incomplete.

2. Stop beating yourself over everything

Highs and lows are part of life. Failures are meant to be and we can't beat ourselves for everything that goes wrong. Stop putting yourself on some moral compass, even greatest people make mistake. Be it business or personal, mistakes are bound to happen. We will fall, but then we will stand and strive. That is how life functions.

3. We are a crew

Those who think life is just to observe and not participate, darling, you have already missed a lot in life. Earth is a spaceship and we all are part of the crew. We ain't a solo passenger nor can we expect people to look after us. Everyone has a part to play and contribute to making it a better place. The moment we think we can seclude ourselves and watch the show, we miss out on significant opportunities.

4. Respecting different perspectives

The most beautiful thing about people is each one having a different perspective. While we might not agree with someone, at least give it an ear. Sometimes, listening and understand why someone things in the way they do give us an entirely different reference.

5. Whine but over the right things

If one can read this article, you are already a privileged one. Education isn't accessible to everyone, remember that. Each one of us has problems and we all are suffering. But not everything requires us to whine! It's pointless to cry over what we have lost or what we might have found. Whine over something magnificent things after all our tears are precious.

6. You ain't responsible for others

Be it cheating in business or in personal life, we can't blame ourselves. Each one of us is only responsible for our action, our words and our behaviour. Don't complicate it and don't waste your energy over things that are minuscule. We can't clean everyone's mess, because it was never ours to clean.

7. Learning is an on-going process

The moment we think that we know everything it is a red zone. There is nothing like knowing everything. The moment we read, learn, observe or converse something, a new chapter is invented. Learning gives us power and we just need to apply it in various situations of our life. Accepting our mistakes and learning from it is a sign of wisdom. Experience things and have the courage to question things, then we already have wonderful lessons to share about life in general.

8. Nothing is consistent

Nor work, nor money, nor promotions, nor relationships, nothing is consistent. And it is important to accept that. The day we make peace with it, half of our problems get resolved without even putting any effort.

9. Dream but even execute

Dreams keep us going when the earth falls down. They drive us, push us to never give up. But just having a vision isn't the deal breaker. One needs to execute it, so it can see the day of light.

10. Never be ashamed of your work

We all have done awful work at some point in life, but being ashamed of it is ludicrous. We learn, we improve, and we make changes every minute and that is the sign that we are progressing. This is exactly how start-ups turn big....writers, artists, thinkers become eminent. When we look back at our work, let us not feel embarrassed by being associated with it. We should celebrate our progress and be proud of where we have reached today because it is our past work that has led us to this stature.