#5 Entrepreneurship Lessons To Learn From Your Father

Here are some lessons, that every father teaches his child to thrive in every uncertainty and lead a healthy, successful life

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Father's Day, this year has put us into a profoundly thoughtful mode. It's because we have got some extra hours to spend with our fathers while working from home. A father plays an instrumental role in a child's overall development and the course of their life. Every father plays a key role in making us a good human being and shaping our life journey.


There might not be many reasons for everyone to jump into 'Entrepreneurship,' but the current 'VUCA' world makes it a way of life rather than just another career prospect. Hereby, sharing five lessons, that every father teaches his child to thrive in every uncertainty and lead a healthy, successful life.

1. Embrace failure

No one is perfect. We all learn about this eventually from our mistakes and failures. At various points of life, you have seen your father make an effort and always have a positive outlook no matter how rough his days would have been. It might sound a bit cliched, but we all have heard often from our hero - Failure is a stepping stone to success. That's one of the biggest lessons we all learn from our fathers. Failures are a part of life and you should never be demotivated by them. Rather, embrace them and learn from them.

2. Be a team player

There is nothing like accomplishing individual goals set for self. But if you look from the other lens, true happiness and learnings come from teamwork. No one – be it an athlete, astronaut, or President can be successful without a team. Make sure you surround yourself with people who share your passion, inspire you, and add value to your life. Another important learning we can learn from our father is to work on imbibing the spirit of teamwork in you.

3. See the big picture

Life always has its own share of ups and downs. Some days can be cheerful while others can be gloomy. During the 'not so happy day,' close your eyes and visualize your dreams turning into reality. It is good to imagine success often so that you never get demotivated. If you notice, our fathers have taught us about this since the very beginning. So yes, never get bogged down by short-term setbacks. They are just there for a while. You should always focus on the bigger picture and work passionately towards it.

4. Practice compassion

Sometimes bringing the best in others helps us understand ourselves better. That's something that we all definitely learn from our dads. There is a lot to learn from the passion, compassion, and empathy that our father endorses so frequently. Whenever there is an exceptionally high point in life, remember first to show compassion towards the people who are always by your side. This is a great quality to have in life.

5. Don't panic

Things are not always easy, and we must learn to stay calm. Practicing a solution-oriented approach (just like your father) can come to your rescue in stressful situations. Create an environment to flourish and invest in your dad's teachings to carve your path without panic.

While these are just a few crucial learnings, there are multiple ways and many other lessons that they teach you. These learnings are precious and are the ones that help you in your journey of life and succeed.