Kind Of Water Bottles You Need This Summer To Stay Healthy & Hydrated While You Are At Work

Drink pure water, stay hydrated and never miss a day at work

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Summer has begun and one thing that is most important during this time is staying fit and hydrated. The flow of liquid in your body during this season is very important. In fact, if you are serious about exercising then know that losing on your water intake directly affects your High-intensity interval training (HIIT). One can't lose enough calories when you are all dried up.

According to researches and studies, men require an average intake of 3.7 litres of fluid per day. And here comes the main question: Do you even drink that much amount of water in the first place?

Now is the best time to stay hydrated. Just filling those plastic bottles on your table won't make the deal. The water bottle that you use during a workout or at the office directly reflects how hydrated your body will stay. We have compiled a list of smart bottles available in the market that is a must-have considering nothing is more important than your body. And if you ain't healthy, how will your performance at work?

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H2OPal Hydration Tracker

A bottle that is smart and can easily get connected with your smartphone or smartwatch. What’s the benefit, you can keep a tab on your hydration level. H2OPal Hydration Tracker tells you about the water level one needs every day based on your age, weight, the weather outside and type of physical activity you do. And it also sends you a notification reminding you to drink water.

LifeStraw Go Filter Bottle

A bottle that allows you to fill water from stream, puddle, rivers and you can directly drink that water. What’s amazing about this bottle is that once you buy it, a child in a developing country gets safe water for an entire year. Isn’t that a noble cause? The product comes with a rubber mouthpiece. There is no leakage at all and has a filter that makes it worth all your wild outings.

Thermos 24 Ounce Tritan Hydration Bottle

If adventure and sports is your thing, this impact-resistant bottle is an ideal buy for you. The bottle comes with a rotating meter that lets you measure your hydration level. Easy to use, the bottle comes with a push button sipper, making it very friendly.

CamelBak Chute Vacuum

A vacuum-insulated bottle is a deal-breaker. The bottle can keep liquids hot for six hours straight and cold for 24-hours. The bottle has a sturdy body, no leakage but is hard to grip when filled till the brim.

Blue LanLan Smart Reminder Water Bottle

Love long runs and sweating it out on the tracks? This bottle comes with a mist-spray that automatically becomes your companion when you are working out. The bottle also has an emergency light, no we ain’t kidding. So when you need a light to guide you, your bottle does the work.

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