5 Work Bag Essentials For Success Bringing small changes like simply organizing your work bag can help you be more efficient and in a better mood for work.

By Kavya Pillai

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A productive day at work often correlates to how efficient you were and that does not come so easily everyday. There are several factors that can lead to distractions, delays and ultimately take a toll on your efficiency. To ensure you stay focused on tasks, experts suggest being organised. The decluttering helps you reduce stress, fatigue and saves your time. Bringing small changes like simply organizing your work bag can help you be more efficient and in a better mood for work. For example, If your bag has a pen without a cap and it takes you an hour to find your house keys, then its time to get organized.

A good work bag depends on how far you commute for work, what kind of work you do and your age. So here are some universal essentials that make your everyday hustle, hassle-free.

1. Gadget Bag
Your portable charger, phone/laptop chargers, earphones, and cords in general, need a place and that place is not the bottom of the bag. A gadget bag is a small pouch that organises your gadgets and helps you avoid wearing them off quickly. The sections in the pouch help you keep the cords coiled and prevent them from getting tangled up.

2. Mini Food Pouch
These tiffin pouches help you avoid spills and also have sleeves for your cutlery. The whole point of this bag is to help you save your money and eat right. With innovative meal prep hacks, eating right has essentially come down to a choice. If you have the space, carrying food from home can become a good habit.

3. Key-rings with a spiral chain
These chains are attachable to the inside of your bag. You can add your keys, office IDs, travel passes and other such items that you need to access easily. The spiral cord saves you time and makes sure you never leave your house without these items.

4. Pencil Case
Your bag, believe it or not, has more pens and pencils than you need. The only problem is finding this stationery when you have to urgently make a note. So stop playing charades every time you need to write something down and get a slim pencil case. They are easy to store and even easier to find.

5. Bag organizing inserts
Even with all the above bags and pouches,one can still end up being disorganised. These bag inserts have a variety of sleeves and compartments that make sure everything you need has a place, and stays in place. The organiser needs no attachment, you simply place it vertically in your bag and then place your items in it.

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