8 Shirts To Take You From Monday To Friday

Count all these in because they are meant to be your wardrobe staple

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Unless you are a hippie, we bet you won't show up at an office or family function in a pair of camouflage shorts and flip-flops. Similarly, we believe you wouldn't grab a hood or utility parka when planning to meet your friends. Well, assuming not everyone is Ranveer Singh or Karan Johar, you do need to your wardrobe staples to rock the scene. Be it a party, boardroom or casual meeting.

However, the important point is every clothing item is made for some of the other occasion. But there is one garment that makes or breaks the deal when it comes to making an impression in the spectrum of your social circle.

Be it work, party night, or just some random meeting, you wear it anywhere and everywhere. Well, now we totally have your attention. It's your shirt that is the deal breaker. While the shirt might just look like a simple clothing piece to you. Its variations make it the most versatile piece. But the types of shirts you pick are all that matters. To assure you have covered all your bases, here are eight picks from 2018 that will take you from Monday to Friday.

Oxford Shirt

Source: Ajio.com

Made from the Oxford cloth, this piece of the shirt is the ultimate menswear classic. If you don't have this shirt till now, you definitely have gone wrong with your shirt collection. For over a century now, this shirt has made many heads turn.

This timeless piece fits every occasion, making it the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. Pair this open collar, button-down shirt with chinos, pants, or your favourite pair of jeans. With so many bespoke clothing lines coming up, you now also have the choice to get it tailored made.

Dress Shirt

Source: Calvin Klein US

Well, yes it's a thing in case the name makes you roll your eye. Whether you are into suits or not, at least a handful of times you aren't left with any option but to wear your blazer and tuxedo. If you didn't know till now, your special black tie requires a perfect shirt. You can't pair it up with anything from your wardrobe. If planning a special evening this is the shirt you need. Made from Marcella fabric, this lightweight pique is as light as your breath. The cutaway collar shirt also requires cufflinks and completes your look with a bow tie or a classic silk tie.

Office Shirt

Source: Jack & Jones

Did you know something known as office shirt actually exists? When you are working in the corporate world, we do have a dress code to follow. With the time changing, what once our grandfathers wore once doesn't necessary needs to be followed. So try picking up a poplin cotton shirt for your work, having all the basic colours is a win-win.


Source: Asos.com

Who doesn't like shirts that are bigger in size? We all love airy attires. The beauty of this shirt is how seamlessly it fits in with most of your attire, making it look simple yet vintage both at the same time. When it's a cold day wear it with a light jacket or coat. When it's warmer just grab your basic t-shirt with dark jeans and you are done for the day.

Cuban Collar Shirt

Source: Max Fashion

What better than a shirt that can bring out your Carlo Bernard side. Who doesn't like acting sassy and roaming around the street like a drug lord? This summer attire was once the ultimate style statement in the fifties and with fashion revival; you can again have that moment without feeling out of the place. The shirt is called "Cuban' because of its open collar exposing enough of your chest space.

This shirt is usually for all body type, except for those who have blotty neck area. But still there are a few things one needs to keep in consideration before heading to add this one in their collection. Make sure you are buying the right size or it will look nothing more than your nightwear shirt. And most importantly, it is all sleeves game, you can't go wrong with that. Remember they might fit right and not look baggy.

Flannel Shirt

Source: Billabong.com

Be it enjoying a cup of hot tea in the mountains or simply strolling down the streets, flannel shirt is a must-have. The thick yet comfy fabric makes it a perfect winter shirt. Make sure you have both plaid and plain versions of it.

What makes it extra-special is how it works perfectly even when you plan to layer yourself when the mercury falls down. Team it up with a plain t-shirt, parka or an overcoat to keep yourself warm.


Source: Old Navy, Gap.com

Let's make it clear for once and for all, Chambray are not denim shirts. The piece is made using plain weave. This, in fact, makes it the perfect option if you always wanted a denim shirt but didn't buy yet. The golden point of this shirt is that it looks uber cool with everything, making it the perfect staple wear. Having said that, you can even enter your boardroom wearing it, because meetings can be mundane but your clothes don't have to be! But just remember the colour of your bottoms doesn't matchwith your shirt. Opt for a lighter shade and you are all decked up for your work.

Linen Shirt

Nothing can be worst than wearing a shirt on a sunny day where your arms and face are soaking wet. Don't be the guy who is always confused about what to wear when the Sun is shining bright. Change your Oxford shirts with linens. Make it your best friend and you will thank us later.

This clothing piece is airy, light and lets your skin breath. The best part about linen is you can experiment with colours. Try out olive green, pale blue, ocean blue and more colours.

Priyadarshini Patwa

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