Bestowing Ayurveda To All The founder wanted to develop a brand that the younger and future generations were open to and accepted, which led to the establishment of The Ayurveda Co. T.A.C. in 2021.

By Paromita Gupta

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• Param Bhargava, Founder, THE AYURVEDA CO. T.A.C

Providing life-changing ayurvedic products and benefits for future generations, this motto single-handedly led Param Bhargava, along with business partner and wife Shreedha Singh, to establish The Ayurveda Co. T.A.C. after a successful existing venture, Khadi Essentials. The duo realized the importance of seizing the digital opportunity early on their journey to building the two brands. Bhargava believes digital space provides all players, big or small, an unparallel opportunity to grow and engage.

The founder wanted to develop a brand that the younger and future generations were open to and accepted, which led to the establishment of The Ayurveda Co. T.A.C. in 2021. He takes community building as T.A.C.'s biggest contributor to success. Having focused on creating a strong brand identity and value and tapping into digital and social platforms has helped them build a loyal customer base that is equally passionate about Ayurvedic wellness. So, how do they keep up with the ever-growing D2C offerings? "Introducing new products has also been an important part of our brand's growth. We have used customer feedback and market research to develop new products that cater to the evolving needs of my target audience. By constantly innovating and refining the product line, we have been able to stay ahead of the competition and maintain a competitive edge in the market," shared Bhargava, Founder, The Ayurveda Co. T.A.C.

The brand banks on 30+ e-commerce channels and debuted in the U.A.E. region this March. Since then, they have expanded to the U.S., South Africa, Malaysia, and Iran markets and plan to expand to the European markets and other far east counties. He further believes market there has a higher rate of acceptability of ayurvedic products and categories.

Among its competitors, T.A.C. is overcoming challenges in a practical manner. Apart from providing products in hair, skin, wellness, makeup, and baby categories, the brand is using social media, email newsletters, exclusive offers, and loyalty rewards to retain its customer base. "We also leverage influencer marketing, customer referrals, and other organic growth strategies to keep our customer acquisition costs under control," he added.

T.A.C. is focused on building a sustainable business model and continues to stay ahead of the curve by continually monitoring industry trends and consumer behaviour. All this has led the brand to grow from only an online brand to being available at 30 kiosks in top Indian malls, having 350+ assisted sales counters and 600+ unmanned counters via 50+ distributor networks in India. For the FY23-24, it plans 'T.A.C App', where users can get consultation about ayurvedic healthcare across the globe.


>> Online platform resulting in maximum revenue: Amazon

>> Turnover for FY 2022-23: 60 Cr for both the brands

>> Split between offline and online sales: 60 percent online and 40 percent offline

>> Year of Inception: 2021

>> Team size: 650 +

>> Customer Repeat ratio: Approximately 30 percent

>> Amount of external funding raised – INR 100 Cr.

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