Books That Inspired These Four Entrepreneurs They say too much of anything is bad, but too many books, well, too many books are barely enough.

By Ritu Kochar

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Want to know the best way to make your life even better? It just includes two steps.

Step 1: Pick up a book

Step 2: Read that book

You wouldn't even know, slowly that book would take over your life and you will come out as a better version of you. Don't believe me, try it for yourself. This experiment has always given 100% results.

Well, we didn't really conduct a study but have you ever heard any book lover say, "Man, I think I should stop reading books. I've read enough." No, right? Because there is no such thing. They say too much of anything is bad, but too many books, well, too many books are barely enough. Even a badly written book can teach you something, and good books are no less that the most prized possessions.

We asked entrepreneurs what is their prized possession, and because many were unable to pick just one, we've shortlisted it for them to tell our readers what they learnt from it.

Leadership and problem-solving attitude doesn't come naturally to anyone

Deepinder Goyal, CEO, Zomato - Over the years, I've read several books that have inspired me in one way or the other. But as time passes by, you begin to understand how experiences are different for different people and more importantly, it's different for different organizations. It's a never-ending learning experience to be honest. I feel when we're reading a book to see what worked for the writers; we should also see what didn't work for them. That way, we become more in tune with success. This is the reason why I feel Alex Ferguson's "Leading' is a fabulous book from the recent lot. The way he guides you through his life and how he exposes some biting truths about the real world is enlightening. Managing a team is nothing less than an art form. One doesn't even have to be a football fan to see what is going on. From his experiences, it becomes obvious that leadership and problem-solving attitude doesn't come naturally to anyone. We all learn from our mistakes and go through our struggles and triumphs to emerge stronger as a person.

Understanding our selves better biologically

Aditi Gupta, Co-Founder, Menstrupedia - This book helped me to understand how female body is anthropologically. It helped me understand in what ways female bodies are looked at culturally and socially. As women we are often trapped in the dilemma and shame about our body parts and their function and this books helps in understanding our selves better biologically and helps us to look at ourselves in a much empowered ways

Making the best of the cards

Ambika Sharma, CEO and Co- founder, Pulp Strategy - Roots, Papillon and the Godfather, they are classics that bring out the nuances of people, legends and their transformations shaped by nature and nurture. The dynamics of DNA vs circumstance and the potential of people to not just survive but make the best of the cards played out.

Never give up and try one more time

Saurabh Kochhar, CEO, Foodpanda India - It is a tremendous read on Elon's journey through the four companies and all the possible hurdles he faced; bigger every time than the last one.

It really inspires me to never give up and try one more time whenever you are about to give up.

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Ritu Kochar

Former Staff, Entrepreneur India

Ritu used to work as a Feature writer for Entrepreneur India.

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