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Business in Transit Mode Staying productive on the road - while navigating unfamiliar destinations, carrying heavy luggage, and dealing with delays and inconveniences - can be a major challenge.

By Sanchari Ghosh

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Of course, life doesn't stop when you're in the air: emails still pour in, and reports and proposals are still expected. Even if it's a travel day, it's still a work day. But staying productive on the road — while navigating unfamiliar destinations, carrying heavy luggage, and dealing with delays and inconveniences — can be a major challenge. Here's how entrepreneurs accomplish more while in transit.

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Samir Modi, MD, Modi Enterprises

While on the go, I shop for ideas, innovations, products which can be sourced or launched. I always keep enough research materials with me. I have 8,000 photos on my phones, which are basically research works. I am constantly looking for products which can be placed on the customers' hand. I utilize my time looking at those photos, looking for ideas. Besides that, while coming back from work I catch up on phone calls, as I don't receive call during office hours. I love watching movies on the plane. Otherwise, I don't get time."

Sohrab Sitaram, CEO and Director, Keventers

To make my travel time productive when I am on a plane, I work on projects that don't require internet. I carry all the necessary information and supporting material with me and focus on my work. When I am going for a meeting and get stuck in traffic I try to finish all my personal calls. I also make some business related calls and try to clear my mailbox. This saves a lot of my time."

Bradley, CEO, betterU

Well, for me, the best way to spend my travel time is by putting pen to paper and being able to write down my ideas, create new business concepts, write articles and remind myself of things I need to do. During long flights, I get a chance to think outside the realm of my corporate arena. I seek inspiration and fresh ideas by engaging with different people and environments wherever I am. It helps me widen my network of thinking and ideas."

Akshay Verma, Co-Founder and Director, FITPASS

My cab rides and flight times usually revolve around reviewing reports, strategizing and planning. Sometimes I also like to quickly sneakin a power nap too if I can. I avoid taking calls on the road as it isn't most efficient given the call drops and other network related issues."

Aloke Bajpai CEO and Co- Founder, Ixigo

I generally utilize this time in different ways, depending on where I am. A long flight for instance, is the perfect excuse to read! Be it a thought leadership book, or catching up on latest industry trends, I believe learning should never stop. Short commutes call for a little networking. Being a part of the travel industry, I look at all my trips as an opportunity to grow; from interacting with locals, to figuring out some interesting travel pain points to solve, I make sure all my time is optimally used."

Sanchari Ghosh

Senior Copy Editor, Entrepreneur

Senior Copy Editor, Entrepreneur

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