Ditching Your Car: How 'E-Pooling' Benefits Your Commute in India's Capital City

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We, humans, have come a long way on the evolutionary scale and become the dominant species on this pale blue planet. Over the course of eons, we have established virtual systems that have created a latent psychological impasse between nature and us.


Delhi, with its increasing pollution levels and declining health levels bears the tragedy of this mishap.

These constructs include the perils of industrialization and income based development metrics have over the centuries made us increasingly ignorant of our synchronization with nature as a whole.

Greenpeace India recently calculated Delhi's pollution levels. With 142.9 micrograms per cubic meter of pollutant particulate, we are way over cities like Beijing. The number is 13 times over the benchmark set by the WHO.

I can blab about all cancer causing and choking to death scenarios along with the long-term dangers of warming that may well drown megacities like Mumbai but I won't

You already know about the scale of the problem. What I suggest is the employment of every possible method to shift the equilibrium to where it belongs.

Carpooling is one such solution, which if adopted by the masses will transform our landscape in the time to come. Of course, the air won't clean itself in a day or even a month. We must be patient. Years and years of ignorant practices led to this. It's only natural that the reversal will take time!

Here is how E-poolers can help your commute and your life in 3 simple ways

#1 Freer roads: save time, money and fuel

It is but obvious, isn't it? One could see almost immediately reduced loads on Delhi traffic when the odd-even scheme was in effect. Why can't we bring stuff like that back? You will use less fuel.

You will bear less frustration of being stuck in traffic and thus incur a lower risk of heart problems in the long term that can occur due to prolonged stress. The benefits are immense.

#2 Reduce your carbon footprint and save Mother Earth

Historically speaking, we were one of the earliest civilizations to understand our connection to nature as a whole and our religions like Hinduism and Islam are all based on maintaining a balance between all natural elements.

Why? The answer is simple. It is only nature that can create the necessary conditions for you to live. The oxygen, the fruits and the grains, the poultry and everything that you think about eating, seeing, visiting and caring for. It is the only dictatorship that will always strike back when things get out of hand and trust me if we go on like this, they will!

According to Rideshare, every car emits its weight in carbon emissions each year. This means global warming, ozone depletion and consequently, UV infiltration, skin diseases like cancer and eventually destruction of humanity.

Even if one city can carpool around, the number of vehicles in use and thus, the emissions reduce manifold in an instant. The long-term effects include improved air quality and a healthier life.

#3 Save money: Loads of it

An average daily commuter in Delhi can easily spend INR 7-8000 bucks on fuel and another 1000 on maintenance. Carpooling means a reduction of these expenditures by more than half. Isn't that a good proposition? You guys are smart and logical enough. Think about it! Services like epoolers.com for shared bike and car rides can ease our commuting woes.

Those savings could be invested in greener technologies or other ways to reap more benefits for you and not plunge you unto a perennial pit of ill health, irritating nature, wasted finance and ultimately abnormal living conditions.

Think now! Your future generations will inherit only that you create for them. Will class, status, trends or luxury matter more than the survival of your kin?