Do Edtech Ventures Help Students Imbibe Time Management Skills Gone are the days when students had to sign up for a million tuition or coaching classes

By Pankaj Agarwal

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As students of the previous generation we were always on somebody else's timeline. The first eight hours of the day were spent in school after which we were sent off to our various tuition and coaching classes. Then, we were expected to do our homework and prepare for the next day at school. This left us with very little time to manage for ourselves.

One can assume with a fair degree of certainty that this method is very ineffective and as adults, if we struggle with managing our time, it is because somebody else or some other institution had full control over it. However, for the generation that is in school at present, things are a whole lot different.

To begin with, the curriculum and the method used in teaching and learning are far different from what it used to be; most processes in the field of education have been refined with the introduction of technology in classrooms. The initiative that technology drives wherever it is introduced is to save time and money and that is exactly what it is doing in the field of education, especially for students.

Gone are the days when students had to sign up for a million tuition or coaching classes. There are a dozen apps and online learning resources that help students learn effectively. There are apps in the market with AI frameworks that can accurately assess student lags and help them overcome it through personalized recommendation engines. In many cases, students who learn with digital resources on a regular basis are made aware of these lags even before their teachers.

This means they also have the opportunity to address these lags outside the classroom on their own. They no longer have to wait for an examination to understand where their focus needs to be tuned. This way, their preparedness for examinations increases and students also find learning a more nurturing experience since the surfacing of the lags and its successive redressal happens rather quickly. It won't be too much of a stretch to say that all this happens in minutes.

Additionally, there are plenty of tools available in the education sector specifically designed to enable efficiency in the classroom for both teachers and students. Most manually consuming administrative tasks have found digital alternatives so much so that schools no longer need to run on an 8 hour schedule This frees up time not just for students but also for teachers.

Moreover, technology has advanced to such a degree that teachers also enlist the use of it in the classroom for more interactive teaching experiences. There are classroom response systems, apps and other visual tools that can explain concepts creatively for students of all caliber to learn and understand. This also cuts the need for additional tuition outside the classrooms.

So to say, technology in classrooms has paved the way for students to manage much of their learning on their own. With students managing their learning outcomes themselves and addressing their gaps more efficiently, independence becomes the byproduct of the whole process and they also acquire skills like time management and strategic planning.

Having said that, it is not enough to have access to these resources; these tools must be implemented to the best of their abilities and nobody should rely on only technology to do their grunt work for them. A lot of learning is also laying a strong foundation and that requires a lot of manual effort from students as well. Technology cannot replace the mental labour and steel cut determination that is needed to succeed academically.

But, make the best use of these resources and one can say with full certainty that this is the true recipe for success. The idea is to get students to improve their learning outcomes one way or the other. If it happens through technology, it promotes efficiency and effectiveness, two very favorable byproducts of the method.

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Pankaj Agarwal

Founder & CEO, Taghive

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