Pankaj Agarwal

Founder & CEO, Taghive


Growth Strategies

School Curriculum And Assessment Should Change With Hybrid Mode Of Learning

The hybrid learning model brings together the value of personalization, increased flexibility and instant assessment feedback


Do Edtech Ventures Help Students Imbibe Time Management Skills

Gone are the days when students had to sign up for a million tuition or coaching classes

News and Trends

Can Hybrid Learning Models That Leverage EdTech Make Students Independent Learners?

Enough has been said about what blending technology in classrooms can do: it brings content closer, knowledge closer and makes classrooms dynamic

Growth Strategies

How Active Learning Method Of Edtech Equips Learners and Educators

Things are vastly different in this day and age and teachers are now back to being students with tech integration driving a huge overhaul in the teaching and learning process

News and Trends

Role Edtech Can Play In Enabling the Implementation of NEP

The policy mentions that the relationship between technology and education is bi-directional

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