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Entrepreneurs Who Kept Themselves Fit While Working From Home Ever wonder what entrepreneurs do to keep themselves fit? Staying fit with Work From Home? Here's how…

By Puneet Kapani

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Fitness and working like a couch-potato, like most of us have been, don't really go hand in hand! While some of us struggled to be fit even before the pandemic began, the lockdown has really taken away the little physical activity that people were bound to have everyday. Ever wonder how entrepreneurs do it? Staying fit with WFH? Here's how…

You might have made several attempts at home-workouts and fitness morning routines since the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to work from home majorly. On social media, a widespread productivity contest began, but not all of us can claim to have been fit with our reducing physical activities.

Well, many entrepreneurs have recognized the importance of a "healthy body-healthy mind" and have been able to crush their work regimes as well as their fitness ones.

Work with what you have

Abhishek Jindal, CEO at OwnersTown has been leading his real estate business for over four years. From rental management, documentation management, legal & liaison support, maintenance to service vendor support, OwnersTown has several domains for work and management, yet the CEO has managed to take fitness to another level while working from home.

"The "work-from-home' period following the Covid-19 lockdown last year was like a blessing in disguise for me, as far as my own fitness is concerned," he said. Not fretting too much over equipment, "I started working out on a daily basis inside a mini-gym in my apartment, using whatever equipment was there," Abhishek shared.

He also emphasized - "The regime was simple – it was a combination of weights and cardio on alternate days. I feel lucky to have had a trainer who guided me regularly in terms of working- out as well as a dietician whom I consulted for eating the right kind of food to stay healthy and fit over the longer term."

His personal fitness transformation journey that began during last year's lockdown has become an integral part of his lifestyle now. He says, "I cannot even think about skipping my workout regime for even a single day! I work out in the morning for around one hour every day. Now with the "second wave of the pandemic hitting us, it is obviously more important than ever to build and follow a fitness-oriented lifestyle, mostly within the four walls of our homes."

Sticking to home food and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, Abhishek suggests that even simple dry fruits like almond, and cashew consist of essential vitamins and minerals, that can help boost your immunity.

A Simple Routine and Good Diet

Vaibhav Domkundwar of Better Capital talks about simple routines to keep the fitness balance even while working at an early-stage venture firm with investments in Khatabook, Rupeek, Teachmint, and many others.

The lockdown was hard because every day became a 15 hr workday on zoom", Vaibhav admits, and we unanimously agree. He talks about a simple exercise routine, ample sleep, and a low-carb diet that helped him beat the downsides.

Vaibhav shares, "Fittr founder Jitendra Chouksey got me started on a weights routine and a diet plan to go along with it. I think I've been failing on the sleep part but managed to lose a bunch of kilos with my routine and keep them away. Whenever possible, I added in a brisk walk with my favorite podcast which was helpful too.

Make Moves or Make Excuses

Prashant Mehta, partner at Lightbox is another leading entrepreneur who has managed to keep up an inspiring fitness regime with extensive WFH. "Working from home doesn't mean that you can't work out at all, the little things such as walking during taking calls or running up the stairs of your building all add up. If you don't have a treadmill then even a power walk around the block helps.", he says.

Prashant Mehta, partner at Lightbox

While Prashant believes that outdoor spaces are always energizing, the complete lockdown didn't stop him from riding his stationery indoor exercise bike. "With the help of virtual training apps like Zwift and Rouvy, I could virtually ride with my friends in Mumbai, California and London at the same time picking famous routes, actually riding more often than I would," Prashant cherished.

"I do 100-200 stairs a day and also use the ramps of the parking lot in my building as little hills to get my heart rate pumping.", he shared. He also emphasizes the need for mental fitness along with being physically fit. "Working from home also gave me an opportunity to bond with my daughters whether it's a short run in the parking lot or yoga and meditation for 15 minutes between calls. It makes a big difference," he said.

"We followed a couple of YouTube channels - our favorite ones for HIIT and core workouts are MadFit and Heather Robertson and Sarah Beth for easy yoga stretches - the best thing is we could do these at any point during the day since they are always available," Prashand added.

Puneet Kapani

Former Features Editor

Puneet Kapani, former features editor for Entrepreneur India, is self-driven and passionate about happenings and nuances of the world. She writes on lifestyle, gadgets, beauty, wellness, entertainment and technology updates around the globe. She has previously worked with L’Officiel India magazine, FHM Magazine and Times Internet. 

Catch a glimpse of her work at @PuneetKapani on LinkedIn and @puneetkapani on Instagram.


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