The Sneaker Head

Anand Ahuja gets personal with Entrepreneur India and talks about his style game, passion, likes, dislikes and more

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From launching the clothing line "Bhane' to being a co-owner of 'VegNonVeg' - a multi-brand sneaker store, Anand Ahuja is always making headlines. The 35-year- old entrepreneur keeps up his style- game with some serious fashion goals.

Entrepreneur India

Became Entrepreneur to Create Something:

"I wasn't driven to be an entrepreneur. When I came back, the opportunity to create something that spoke to young creative professionals was just so apparent. And it was sad to see there was nothing available. So I felt like an obligation that I have to use the resources we have at Shahi Exports to create something. It felt more like responsibility then to be an entrepreneur," says Anand.

1. Sticking To Basics

In Delhi: A Bhane's white T-shirt, denim, and sneakers.

In London: A light jacket knit jacket, white T-shirt, sneakers, and denim.

2. A thing you intend to change about yourself?


3. Favourite Podcast?

"How I Built This", a podcast by NPR radio.

4. Favourite Music

Indian classical music, especially the basuri (flute). Also hip hop.

5. Anand-Sonam Tradition

We try and walk as much as we can. But when in different cities, we always do one-meal over Skype.

6. One pairing tip from the sneaker-head

Keep the shape and colour simple. You don't want really loud shoes.

7. To Own The Biggies

"I am obsessed with how James Dyson is coming up with these inventions," he confides.

Source: Entrepreneur India

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