Harnessing #3 Simple Self-improvement Techniques Self improvement is largely about fostering positive vibes in our lives and sharing our unique gifts with others

By Teja Gudluru

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We all live lives of infinite potential but few of us make the most of what we've got. Humans are primed to scale the mountains of adversity in the urge to achieve self-satisfaction.

Yet, similar to every golden prize, self-satisfaction goes hand-in-hand with perfection and hence can be considered as an unattainable fruit. We push ourselves to the zenith, in order to achieve the ideal circumstances to thrive.

Unfortunately, the banality of a usual everyday life takes over and one tends to get stuck in a rut, a fact which is as common as the lore of time.

We start to exist rather than thrive in great bounds and we leave this world with a pathetic whimper -- instead of the colossal bang that we should.

We all deserve to be happy and true happiness comes from being fulfilled and doing things that have intrinsic meaning to us -- something that the path of self-improvement guides us meticulously to. Self improvement is largely about fostering positive vibes in our lives and sharing our unique gifts with others, while simultaneously finding ways to gain greater perception of life. While it may seem like a juggernaut of a task, self-improvement is relatively simple, provided you keep the following techniques in mind:

Let Nature Teach You

In the hustle bustle of the concrete life, we often forget the importance of the sublime lessons that nature teaches us. It is imperative to revisit natural environs to extract valuable teachings from them. At times, nature can be the biggest teacher to help us get in-tuned with our original potentiality. Going back to one's roots requires a great deal of introspection, so one is advised to tread carefully.

Look For Joy In Every Experience

Cynicism is the biggest enemy of optimism and often turns out to be detrimental to unlocking our greatest capabilities. Little joys can provide a significant boost while increasing the productivity double fold. Loving one does turns out to be a great asset to maximize on the daily lessons we learn. Art of living to the fullest is to fill the heart with a brimming love for our surroundings and the path we walk on.

Leverage Your Accomplishments

We are destined to our separate set of accomplishments, each as unique as our personal DNA. Still, we often forget to highlight them, in fear of sounding vain. It is human to play down our virtues, in lieu to confirm with others. Instead one should promote self, while keeping a keen eye for opportunities to augment skills. Self-promotion, along with self love is the apt medicine that every weary heart should refer to.

Find New Ways To Do Mundane Tasks

Zeal for life gets corroded as we proceed with our day-to-day affairs. The mundane 9-to-5 of regularity has certainly robbed us of the hunger to dream bigger. Complacency is a malady that one should aim to fight, with opportunities to improve upon self at every juncture of life. It is only the tryst of self- improvement that directs us back into attaining our ultimate goal.

Know The Importance Of Learning And Un-learning

While we're all born with an intense desire to learn, somewhere along the line many of us lose our passion for learning. Post burning ourselves with unfavourable experiences in trial and error method, it is a common thing to see people sticking to their tried and tested method. The peculiar thing about life is that it's the risk takers who get the maximum accolades while those who play safe are left in dust. As much as it is importance to learn, it is essential to unlearn and find newer discoveries.

Yet, one can move ahead only to a certain extent, when alone- it is the power of company, that one can thrive to his/her greatest extent. Alongside the above, the greatest formula for Self Improvement is through using the power of the group.

And we do this the rest of our lives in order to improve and adapt. We learned that others can do incredible things so we too know it's possible not only to duplicate, but to improve upon.

With the help and power of others, we are shown that it's okay to fail and we learn how to compensate and sharpen our skills, until we achieve the desired outcome.

Through the unbiased visions of a designated set of well-wishers, we can see the world in multitude of new eyes, gathering fresh perspective to even the most done to death effort.

When incorporating the power of others into the mix, the odds for success become greater when using the power of others rather than improving the self, by yourself.

So it's important that we seek from others, we talk to people who have achieved well in their respective fields. We trust people to help us and most importantly be ready to receive. Self-improvement happens when one is ready to improve and learn from others.

Teja Gudluru

CEO & Founder, Udo

Teja Gudluru, CEO & Founder of UDO,which is a budding android app that lets you connect to thousands of experts in over a hundred categories. This innovative company offers mobile app which helps people get connected to their Udo buddy and seek expert advice related to any problems he or she is going through.

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