Changing the Perception of Aspirational Luxury in Indian Markets

A luxury home is a benchmark of extravagant amenities, even the usual amenities like gym and swimming pool are made more premium to add style to everything you do

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When you buy a luxury home it is a reflection of your achievements, ambitions and taste. It speaks of your achievements and of splendour after making it to the top.


Which is why when it comes to designing luxury homes, we need to take care of even the tiniest detail. We need to ensure that every aspect offers comfort and style. There's no checklist for labelling a property as a luxury but there are certain elements which make homes that are the epitome of extravagance.

The Location That is a Class Apart

Luxury is also defined by the location of the property. There is no point in building a luxury home that is located in a crowded, noisy area. The location must be in a fresh, green, serene area that's also easily accessible. Needless to say, it must be picturesque and aspirational in every sense too.

Homes That Care for Nature

In today's world, luxury isn't just about lavish living. It is also about being ethical and conscious towards the environment, and nature. Conserving water and electricity, having proper garbage disposal mechanism and using nature-friendly products is definitely the first step towards building homes that define luxury.

Backed by Technology

Coming home after a long hard day and not running around to do basic chores is indeed a luxury. Today, home automation plays a big role in amplifying convenience. From remote controlled curtains that slide with just the click of a button to digital locks that only need your fingerprint to lights that can be changed according to your mood, technology goes the extra mile to give you a home that runs on your fingertips. Moreover, there is a wide range of stunning product designs that make your home look even more opulent.

Quality is Mandatory

You cannot compromise on quality if you want to build a luxury home. Even the smallest nuts and bolts need to be of the finest quality. Sanitaryware, kitchen fittings, electrical wiring, handles and knobs, flooring, woodwork, lighting, etc. everything needs to be the best. With the market constantly evolving, one needs to be aware of the best products available in the market so that nothing ever falls short of expectations.

Getting Your Personal Space

Space is a given for a luxury home. You cannot offer opulence with a paucity of space. Having large-sized bedrooms, kitchen, living space and bathrooms, to spacious balconies and terraces, luxury homes promise ample privacy and room for big and large families. Whether you like your own private corner or like to throw big parties, a luxury home take care of one and all.

Design Intelligence

Behind every luxury home, there is careful design planning and well-thought-out architecture. The homes need to be designed in a way that they are future-ready, have enough space and private corners and do not compromise on the convenience of customers.

One-of-a-kind Amenities

A luxury home is a benchmark of extravagant amenities. Even the usual amenities like gym and swimming pool are made more premium to add style to everything you do. Barbeque decks, Video rooms, amphitheatres, Wi-Fi gardens, landscaped gardens, adventure activities, golf course, cycling paths are some of the few amenities that improve the luxury quotient of a property.

Keeping these elements in mind, we blend innovation and extravagance to create extraordinary abodes. We follow the concept of Golden Ratio, a unique design guideline that we have emulated in all our projects. We also offer world-class amenities and services like Club Concierge to make you feel nothing less than royalty.

From lavish dining experiences, breath-taking views, spacious private corners to extravagant lounging, life at our homes is a never-ending luxurious experience. With unparalleled craftsmanship, intelligent design-planning, beautiful landscaping, plush amenities in every nook and corner, we make homes that are designed for the select few.