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Hrithik Roshan's Trainer Kris Gethin On How A Superhero Comes Alive Hrithik Roshan has teamed up once again with the man who got him out of a slump back in 2011, celebrity fitness trainer Kris Gethin.

By Kabir Singh Bhandari

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Kris Gethin

For Hrithik Roshan, the next two years shall see him being part of two exciting projects. Firstly, in 2023 there shall be director Siddharth Anand's Fighter, being promoted as 'India's first aerial action film.' in which he would be seen alongside Deepika Padukone and Anil Kapoor. Then of course there is his home production Krrish 4, which will see him return as the caped crusader. To get in phenomenal shape for both these ventures, the actor has teamed up once again with the man who got him out of a slump back in 2011, celebrity fitness trainer Kris Gethin.

During that phase, Hrithik was on bed rest as a result of a double slipped disc, bad back and his waist had expanded to 36.5 inches, which is when Hrithik discovered Kris and the transformation journey began. "There was a lot of suffering involved and of course a lot of sacrifices had to be made," Kris says. The regimen comprised having six clean meals a day, getting his intake of protein, fish, protein powder, rice quinoa, oats, potatoes, nuts, seeds, avocado and olive oil, among other things. Training would be for five days a week, starting off with resistance training for 45 minutes and then some form of cardio which could be going outside for a run, doing agility work just being on a treadmill. Consistency was key, and Kris ensured that Hrithik was in bed in time, as it helps keeping stress levels in check. It was a holistic process and meditating, grounding and earthing were all part of the transformation.

"Over the past 10 years Hrithik has had so many injuries that you can't count them on both hands, which complicates things. Plus this time there are a lot of work commitments, so what I'm trying to do is to mitigate the effects of the stress caused and optimize his potential," Kris explains. One of the practices which he believes is essential is to have regular sleep and waking up timings and training at the same times (currently they try to stick to their workouts at 8 am). Sleep timings are important as when we stay up later than dusk our cortisol levels remain high, when we should be bringing them down. However, because of artificial light, screen time and going out at late hours, our cortisol levels are much higher than those of our ancestors.

SEE VIDEO: Hrithik Roshan's Trainer Kris Gethin Reveals Amazing Details

Kris plans to change the DNA of Bollywood one actor at a time, and some of his other clients have been John Abraham, Arjun Kapoor and Karan Johar. Also the author of Body By Design, before joining the fitness industry, Kris was part of the motocross world. He retired after 11 years of racing due to injuries sustained and started doing physiotherapy, which included resistance training. He fell in love with it and it also helped him reduce the pain that he was dealing with both physically and mentally. Motocross had been his identity and once he retired he slipped into depression. But since the training alleviated his depression, he decided to take it further and go to college. Kris studied International Health, Nutrition, and Sports Therapy for three years, post which he started competing in natural bodybuilding shows, even coming second in the natural world bodybuilding championships. In 2005, he became the editor-in-chief of, after which he launched his own international supplement line called Kaged Supplements.

Then in 2013, Kris launched his chain of high-end gymnasiums with Jag Chima. Currently there are around 9 centers, four more are under construction and 10 additional locations are being planned. The collective revenue of these centers has crossed INR 150 crore since their inception, and interestingly they have the highest ratio of female to male members in the country. During the pandemic a lot of gym franchises closed down but fortunately they ended up signing a lot of contracts to open more gyms. However, Kris feels the other gym chains aren't his competition, as they all have a common goal. "We are all fighting the same things- Netflix and the couch."

A casual glance through his Instagram shows us that he's also met the world's most famous bodybuilder of all time, mega movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger. "I've met Arnold several times, he's a great, phenomenal person. The last time I met him was about a year ago. Arnold has a place in Idaho where I live at the moment and close by there's a location where I go for mountain biking in the summers and snowboarding during winters where I bump into him at times," says Kris.

For now of course, it's the photos of Kris jogging on the beach with Krrish that we are looking at in awe, the results of which we shall finally witness when a first of its kind action film and India's most chiselled superhero return to the screen in the next two years.

Kabir Singh Bhandari

Former Senior Assistant Editor

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