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Online Card Gaming in India: Myths Versus Facts The Andhra Pradesh High Court has classified Rummy as a skill-based game, even when monetary stakes were involved

By Bobby Garg

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For several years now, the online card gaming industry in our country has been reeling under the burden of various types of old-school myths and misconceptions. Let's decipher the truths about online card gaming in India, and separate facts from fiction. Stay knowledge-powered and make no mistake now!

Myth: Online real-money gaming is a mere business proposition meant to earn profits.

Fact: The Internet today is changing conventional rules of many businesses, and that too, in a game-changing manner. While multiplayer online games have indeed become significant sources of income for some, the industry is not only dominated by revenue earning and monetary gains. Rather, it's a matter of passion to many avid card game lovers from across all age groups. E-games are a fantasy to be witnessed for real in the near future, and with a delightful combination of bit of luck and sharp skills, you can soon demonstrate yourself as a mastermind in the world of online card gaming, gaining a competitive advantage over many others playing at the same time.

Myth: Investing money in online card games is the same as gambling, and most online money-based card games do not have legal compliances.

Fact: Gambling and skill-based gaming are on two different modus operandi altogether. Time and again, gambling has been restricted (except for selective categories) from the administrative point of view in India. While recently interpreting a case titled "State of Andhra Pradesh versus K Satyanarayana', the Andhra Pradesh High Court had classified Rummy as a skill-based game, even when monetary stakes were involved. Notably, no other online game has received such a judicial nod as of now. On the other hand, according to a Supreme Court judgment on August 18, 2015, games of skill such as Rummy were exempted from the penal provisions. Hence, it can be said that playing card games online with money doesn't necessarily imply that you are squandering a fortune, rather you are proving your worth in an eye-catchy way.

Myth: All card games chance-driven. Also, the chances of winning money on such websites are not high as too many stakeholders are involved.

Fact: Online games involving moneymaking tournaments are anytime better than rowdy casinos or taking part in betting games full of uncertainty. It usually takes hours of practice and diligence to master a card game like Rummy. By arranging 13 cards in the valid sequences or sets before the final declaration, the player automatically goes to show that he has put in a lot of valid effort into the nuances of the game. In fact, at playing digitized card games, the player needs to make use of excellent strategy and critical reasoning in order to win. On the other hand, people who claim that winning money is difficult because of the involvement of too many players and stakeholders are not right. Online rummy sites like Rummy Passion give you an opportunity to win cash via multiple pathways—promotions, tournaments, bonuses, and so on. So, the bottom-line is—if you are worth it, you will win, no matter what or who comes your way!

Myth: Financial transactions made while playing on card gaming websites is not safe, and playing online can make you susceptible to yellow-collar voyeurism.

Fact: With the Prime Minister Narendra Modi vowing for a better and cleaner economy alongside penetration of "Digital India' concept into every nook and corner, cashless online transactions (using plastic money) is gaining popularity with each passing day. When it comes to online gaming, the transactions in most of these websites are supported and authenticated by hassle-free payment gateways. Again, websites like Rummy Passion offers participants across all age groups to play classic rummy games in the safest and secure gaming environment, with stringent fair play systems, highest standards of SSL encryption, and user-friendly payment mechanisms.

Myth: Only free-to-play FTP (Free-To-Play) gaming model can become successful in the Indian market.

Fact: In the years to come there is significant scope of expansion of the Free-to-Play gaming market in the Indian context. But, it must also be noted that this is not the exclusive segment bound to grow in this domain; virtual-reality (VR) games and monetized card games are two segments which will grow equally, if not more, suggest various industry estimates. In fact, according to recent population-based survey conducted by online card gaming platform Rummy Passion India, around 75% audiences believe that online gaming can in some ways replace the charm of situation-based thrill one can experience playing card games in real-life. Off late, many Indian innovators and entrepreneurs have started working hard to make online gaming platforms safe and customer-centric, and at the same time, giving them a unique and never-seen-before "Desi' touch. Some of them are also relying on big data to read and predict customer behaviour and playing patterns accurately, and hence make best use of available opportunities.

Bobby Garg


Bobby Garg is the founder of Rummy Passion.
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