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Plush and Boundless : Get A Sneak-Peek Into Colorbar Founder and CEO, Samir Modi's Office Samir Modi, Founder and CEO, Colorbar, says his office is the most comforting and rejuvenating space for him in the entire world. When Modi is jet-lagged from his travel and cannot sleep, you would find him in his office at 2 am working and relaxing.

By Tahira Noor Khan

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We spend a large amount of our day working in our offices and more so if we are founders and CEOs. Samir Modi, Founder and CEO, Colorbar feels that the office space should make him and his employees want to come back to work each day. "Nothing in my office is from a run of the mill. I want to create a world-class comfort and impeccable design experience for anyone who visits my office," shares Modi.

A custom-made chandelier of paper-notes with one note from Sadguru Jaggi Vasudeva for Samir Modi

Modi says his cabin "is a working man's cabin" with lots of samples and paper-work all around. But every little detail of Modi's cabin and Colorbar office is pleasing to the eyes. You will find lots of quirky art, old antiques, collectables and furniture from all over the world in the Colorbar office. Modi's personal cabin has an installation artwork depicting the rise and fall of a politician, custom-made chandelier of paper-notes - with one note from Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev for Modi, a bat autographed by Kolkata Knight Riders players, photo of his two daughters, and lots of samples. "My cabin is like a warehouse," laughs Modi.

Modi, however, does not consider just his cabin as his workspace. "Most of the time I am sitting in some other part of my office, meeting people, discussing things. The feel is very comfortable and informal. I mostly don't conduct meetings in my office as it creates hierarchy," claims Modi.

An old chair bought by Modi from Mutton Street, Mumbai


Modi defines his office as "off-beat." He describes his aesthetics as the "marriage between modern and old." Colorbar office has various pieces of tables and installations that are personally designed by Modi. "I personally pick up pieces for the office. Many pieces have been picked up from the mutton street in Mumbai, Chor Bazaar, Mumbai, old antique store, designer stores and over the internet. I have street art that I bought from Bangkok in the office," divulges Modi. He claims to be the collector of art and loves to display it in the office space.

An art piece made by Modi

Modi says Colobar office reflects his personality. "My name means wind. So just like wind flows, this office also has a flowing feel. There is no discrimination in the furniture for my employees and myself. Everything in the office is top-class and for everyone. I also operate from different parts of my office," declares Modi.

An art piece bought by Modi from a street artist in Bangkok


Modi says it is not the brands that attract him but a sense of style. "Everything in my office space should be aesthetically pleasing," declares Modi. He says he is in no capacity a traditionalist and his eclectic style is reflected all over his office. Modi says, "I love the vibe of this space, I can stay here all the time and not get bored. I will get bored at my home but not here." He further adds, "I also love the impact this space has on my employees and the people who visit the office. My employees love to work here. They get a sense of working in a top-class organization so do the people who visit Colorbar."

An art installation showing the rise and fall of a politician

A bar table come library designed by Modi



Modern yet homely, timeless, impactful and comfortable


A picture of my daughters, Ganesh Ji, a feather, the Indian Flag, Apple Desktop


Comfortable sofas, plants and artworks


Artificial flowers.

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Tahira Noor Khan

Former Junior Features Writer


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