The Ultimate 2021 Whiskey Launches - 5 New Whiskeys That You Should Get Excited to Sip! Here are 5 whiskey releases this year that you should try out if you have not already!

By Puneet Kapani

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For the whiskey lovers, the lockdown has been either tough with the same old bottles at home, or perhaps a slippery slope with too much to drink at home. For better, or worse, 2021 brings some new whiskey blends to the market, and with sales back on the shelves, maybe you could get your hands on some of these bottles.
Here are 5 whiskey releases this year that you should try out if you have not already!

1. Paul John Ximenez Casks

A new flavor of the veteran Paul John's whiskey comes with an Indian twist in the Select Cask series. It is an Indian Single Malt blend that is rich, spicy, and an exciting flavor for those looking for something fun to drink. With hints of marmalade, notes of espresso and raisins, and a dash of chocolate and mint in it, you really couldn't brew an Indian Single Malt better! You can find this one for approximately INR 3,000 on shelf.

2. Copper Dog

Copper Dog is definitely the brand whose aesthetic and flavor had been most awaited by ardent whiskey lovers. This is actually a scotch made from a blend of 8 Speyside whiskies. Well, you couldn't have asked for more of a party! This blend is fruity with undertones of caramelized sugar, a hint of spice, and a smooth honey finish. The fruity flavor is perfect with a fruity dessert for the perfect balance of fun and flavor. You can get your hands on this blend for around INR 3,000.

3. United Epitome Reserve

Coming to, hands down, the best-looking whiskey bottle, and according to many a great tasting one! United Epitome Reserve is a rare grain whisky crafted with 100% rice. It is a one-of-a-kind blend with a PX Sherry and cherrywood cask finish. This homegrown blend has flavors of toffee and vanilla and a sweet and layered texture. With only 2000 bottles out in circulation, it is literally a "Rare" grain whisky that comes in a premium-
looking bottle. You could purchase this for around INR 5,000 or more!

4. 100 Pipers Blended Malt Scotch

The next on the list is a malt scotch blend from a veteran brand 100 Pipers. This is a premium 8-year-old blend with cohesive sweet and spicy flavors that are well layered. If you're looking for that one brew that you can relish, this one has it all. With flavors of apple and toasted nut, this whiskey also has undertones of black fruit and wood. You can quote a price for this on request, but one can't be sure how much this premium
blend would cost.

5. Macallan Reflexion

Coming down to the fanciest item in the listing, the Macallan Reflexion blend is as fancy and cutting-edge as its bottle. It is a single malt that has a rich and carefully curated flavor. With a layered aroma and floral and vanilla flavors, this blend also has apple and apricot undertones. One sip of this blend is enough to unravel the complex, rich, and indelible flavors this blend is packed with. No wonder this one is available for around
INR 2,50,000 and is going to be one on the shelves for a special occasion.

Puneet Kapani

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