These 9 YouTubers in India Are Raking in the Big Moolah with their Channels Whether it's technology, music, cooking or beauty, India has a huge list of YouTube sensations that are inspirations to many

By Komal Nathani

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Gone are the days when one had to go to Mumbai, the city of dreams, to become a star. Today, in the fastest growing era of technology, Google's YouTube has become a new destination for billions of people across the world.

The restless and supremely talented youth of today are raking in the moolah by showcasing their talent on YouTube. Whether it's technology, music, cooking or beauty, India has a huge list of YouTube sensations that are an inspiration to many.

Entrepreneur India lists India's most subscribed YouTubers who have not just made millions from their channels but have become overnight stars.


Kenny Sebastian - 1.1M

The 25-year old Kenneth Sebastian is a popular stand-up comedian who has more than one million subscribers to his credit on his YouTube channel. Thanks to brilliant content, Kenny has made fans not just in India but in other parts of the world as well. Born into a middle-class family, Kenny had a penchant for entertainment since his childhood. At the age of 15, he started making films. The stand-up comedian has also edited two major films of Indian Motion Pictures - "STATION" and JOINT TRIP.

Kenny is now exploring content in sci-fi comedy space. Apart from being active in the stand-up comedy scene, he has also done interviews with the likes of Hollywood megastar Will Smith.


Geeky Ranjit - 1.4M

If you're looking for the best review of any electronic gadget or any information related to technology, here's a reliable source for you, Geeky Ranjit. His channel is India's first English tech YouTube channel with over 1.4 million subscribers. Earlier a web developer, Ranjit turned his passion for technology into an entrepreneurial venture by launching a YouTube channel at a time when no such channel was available in India.


Pooja Luthra - 1.7M

Pooja Luthra shares every day quick beauty tips for teenagers and women around the globe. Professionally, Luthra is an Herbal and Naturopathy expert. She has inspired millions of teenagers with her successful YouTube channel. Till date, she has made 1.7 million subscribers.


Carry Minati – 2.6 M

This gaming YouTube channel has shot to fame in a very short span of time. Carry Minati, a gaming channel was started by a 17 year old Ajey Nagar in 2014. In just two months of its launch, the channel received a massive traction on YouTube and became one of the top most trending channels for gaming in India. Faridabad-based Nagar dropped out of school to start live-streaming videos to share his insights on gaming to viewers. Today his channel has been subscribed by more than 2.5 million people on YouTube.


AIB – 2.9M

AIB which stands for All India Bakchod is India's first comedy roast channel on YouTube. Founded by Tanmay Bhat and Gursimran Khamba, AIB produces its comedy videos on politics, society and the Hindi film industry. The channel is highly popular on YouTube and has been subscribed by more 2.9 million viewers till date.


Sanam Puri – 3.5M

The journey of music star Sanam Puri started in 2013 when he shot a video with his band and released it on YouTube. Chasing his passion for music, Puri came to Mumbai to participate in a music contest. It was during this time when he recorded videos and put them on YouTube to pitch before a few agents for LIVE concerts. Overnight, his video was liked by hundreds of people and Google sent him a reward. Today, the channel has garnered more than three million subscribers and Sanam has become a YouTube sensation in India.


Nisha Madhulika - 3.5M

To her credit is one of the most subscribed YouTube cooking channels. She is none other than Nisha Madhulika whose journey is no less than an inspiring tale for the women in India who like cooking to the core. It was in 2007, when Nisha Madhulika started her blog to share cooking recipes. And by 2011, she had written over 100 recipes. One day when one of her fans asked her to put out a video on YouTube, Madhulika launched her YouTube channel. In a short span of time, with the help of her husband she became an overnight star. Today, Madhulika has around 3.5M subscribers and is one of the highest earning YouTubers in India.


Sandeep Maheshwari – 4.4M

Born into a middle-class family, Sandeep Maheshwari is someone who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of contentment. Maheshwari had a blurred vision of his goals in life but his undying learning attitude helped him in his quest, which was entrepreneurship. In 2006, he launched his own venture Imagesbazaar and in a few years became one of the country's fastest-growing entrepreneurs.

Rowing through a galore of challenges in his journey, he learnt a lot from life. And that's what motivated him to share his experiences with others as well. This is what prompted Maheshwari to launch his YouTube channel to motivate millions of people.


BB Ki Vines - 6.3M

The most popular YouTuber in India Bhuvan Bam is the owner of BB Ki Vines - India's most subscribed channel. A noted comedian, singer and a YouTube sensation, Bam started his career as a musician performing in restaurants. He made a mark in the industry with his single Teri Meri Kahani on The Viral Fever. He launched his channel in 2014 and today has 6.3 million subscribers.

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