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Millennials are Changing the Face of Travel Millennials have been brought up in the age of technology and this their tool of choice to stay in focus when they tell the story of their life

By Abraham Alapatt

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From social media to e-wallets, the recent developments in technology have impacted life as we know it. The tremors of these developments have reached the travel sector as well, particularly as the millennial generation, born and raised at the advent of technology, is driving the change.

The millennials are known for their unique sense of travel. They stress on their need for rich experiences and exploring the unknown. This means that their travel is a blend of adventure and customization.

Millennials Ready to Explore

A preplanned list of landmarks to visit at one particular destination is a thing of the past. The young traveller is eager to explore and curious to match. They want a vacation that is tailor-made to their preferences and is not overwhelmed with the idea of referring to a plethora of websites before selecting the best option for them. According to Internet Marketing Inc, 87per cent millennials look to Facebook for their travel inspiration and 85per cent check multiple sites before booking to get best deals. The tech-savvy traveller is assiduous about leveraging all the facilities internet provides them. At every stage, they want to ensure that they lock-in on the experiences that are in sync with their preferences.

Role of Social Media

The current generation is digitally active and most millennials streamline their travel by way of using social media and travel apps on their mobiles to coordinate and integrate their full travel experience. Itineraries, loyalty programs, and flight information are all a result of extensive scrolling on social media. Furthermore, 58per cent of millennial travellers in India has expressed a desire for more personalised messaging. This growing interest in personalized channels of communication is another testament to the degree to which the need for a personalization drives their vacation planning.

In the New Age of Travel, the story is about the traveller and their unique experience on the vacation and technology, particularly social media, is a powerful tool that the vacationer uses to tell this story. 74per cent of travellers use social media while on vacation and a whopping 97per cent post their experiences on social media. Now, Snapchat and Instagram stories are important considerations for millennials as they present youngster a platform to share their travel stories with the world.

The Great Shift

We have embarked upon an era where the essence of a person's life has shifted to the digital world, and millennials are at the forefront of this transition. At the moment, 55per cent individuals would rather lose their wallet than their phone. An individual's phone holds the key to a person's experiences. It represents the deeper connection they have with the people around them, the unique experiences they have gathered. 39per cent of travellers age 18-29 say they would check-in at a cool place while on vacation and 32per cent of travellers claim to have tracked the interactions on their social posts while travelling. Millennials have been brought up in the age of technology and this their tool of choice to stay in focus when they tell the story of their life. Millennials have been brought up in the age of technology and this their tool of choice to stay in focus when they tell the story of their life. It is important for millennials to be connected and share their experience with their friends, family and with the world at large.

Abraham Alapatt

President & Group Head - Marketing, Service Quality, Value Added Services & Innovation, Thomas Cook

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