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This IT Professional Delved Into the World Of Poetry, And Conquered It Durga Madiraju's-also known as Jane Summers-collections of poetry revolve around how seasons captivate people with their distinctive allure, and evoke different emotions and values in them

By Entrepreneur Staff

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As the world turns its attention towards empowering women, Durga Madiraju—also known as Jane Summers—strongly stands out as one of the finest examples of powerful women for the emerging generations.

Born in Hyderabad, India, Madiraju was greatly interested in the field of information technology (IT). Emboldened by her mother's unwavering support, she pursued the discipline for her higher education. With her profile enriched with not two, but three masters' degrees in IT, business administration and economics, she was honored for her remarkable perseverance and incredible zeal for learning by being awarded the "Presidential Voluntary Service Award' and the "IT Wall of Stars Award' by the American conglomerate AT&T.

Following her many triumphs in her professional career, Madiraju successfully established herself as an efficient entrepreneur by acquiring ownership of the Summers Market Place store and subsequently heading it as its CEO. On top of that, Madiraju achieved her dreams of becoming an IT professional by becoming a software engineer for a Fortune 500 company. As her professional career reached new heights of excellence, many would have believed that this was her ultimate defining moment. However, Madiraju didn't stop there at all, which, in light of her victorious history, does not come as a surprise at all.

Madiraju ended up truly conquering what the words "personal mastery' mean in front of the entire world. After breaking barriers in the corporate setting, her passion and intellect surpassed all expectations when she started her career as a poet under the alias, Jane Summers. The unmistakable contrast in the nature of both of her careers did not go unnoticed, but Summers was committed to providing only the best pieces of writing, whereby eliminating any and all doubts in the minds of the readers.

The inspirations behind Summers's flawless poetry are seasons. Her collections of poetry revolve around how seasons captivate people with their distinctive allure, and evoke different emotions and values in them. By using the seasons as her foundation in her poetry, Summers teaches lessons of friendship, love and compassion to her readers. Through the use of elegant words and phrases, she expresses her longing for a better world, whereby people instill kindness and humility in their hearts for others. She emphasizes on the need for people to take ahold of opportunities that enable them to help and assist others in a positive way.

Summers' work in the domain of poetry was avidly welcomed by all. She has, till date, published over six books of poetry, with new volumes being published yearly. One of her most famous works is Seasonal Woods: A Collection of Poems. Moreover, Summers went above and beyond in 2019 when her new book Woods, A Summer Weave, was included and exhibited by the Miami Book International Festival in 2019. This book was heavily praised by all, as it included a whopping hundred poems, which were divided over seven sections. Summers' work and efforts were internationally recognized and commended as her poems enthralled everyone.

Summers did not only breakthrough in the department of poetry; she started her journey as a song composer as well. Her unique and original songs also take inspiration from seasons. The fantastic visualization of the seasons in her songs, their unique magic, and their ability to influence emotions and feelings in people deliver intuitive musical creations that appeal to all audiences. In addition to her nostalgic song, Seasonal Summers, Summers is working on an all-new album, Summer's Way, which will be comprised of five songs. Furthermore, Summers is a member of the prestigious Poetry Society of America and the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, where she serves as a role model for aspiring poets, women, and individuals who wish to pursue careers whose significance in the world of art is often overlooked by society.

Summers is the epitome of an actively engaged and dedicated individual. As a result of her constant hard work, she now holds multiple honorable positions in the world. She possesses the titles of a critically acclaimed poet, a prosperous businesswoman, a self-made IT professional and a selfless volunteer of the community. Due to these massive accomplishments, the Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized (POWER) sung her praises, accepted her as a member, and exalted her personal and professional identity by recognizing her as the "Woman of Empowerment 2018'.

Durga Madiraju, or Jane Summers, as her loved ones remember her, has highlighted, through her continuous struggle, what it means to effectively reach the level of self-actualization. The virtues she upholds through her poetry and songs, and the work ethic she portrays through her certifications, serve as mountainous examples in the current atmosphere of female empowerment. She has defined, through her life, that women can definitely break the glass ceiling and develop their skills and competencies in various learning spheres in the world.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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