Top 4 Beverages You Can Try In Place Of Your Morning Coffee

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So, you're one of those who can't get yourself to do anything without your morning cup of
coffee. Sometimes it gets to two or three cups and you don't know where to stop. You hear
about people trying to cut down on caffeine and simply feel it's impossible for you.
Giving up on coffee altogether can be a tough thing to do. What you can do is try out some
classic alternatives that could be equally refreshing to start your day with. Here are the top 4
beverages that you can try as your morning drink in place of coffee:


1. Green Tea
While a cup of green tea seems non-appealing to many, green tea in the morning can actually
be pretty refreshing. Coffee lovers often struggle to find an alternative drink especially when
they don't want a splash of milk in their drink. Sometimes tea and other shakes are out of the list
due to this reason. A fresh cup of green tea with some honey and mint can be a great
replacement for your energizing morning beverage. Green tea also has several health and
fitness benefits, so it's a good one to try!

2. Apple Cider Vinegar
A drink of apple cider vinegar can be a great alternative to coffee along with fuelling a weight
loss regime. It shares the common acidic taste and you've got to acquire a taste for it, much like
coffee. However, this drink isn't for everyone. Many healthy eaters swear by it while some can't
get to go near it despite the multitude of benefits. With benefits for your blood sugar levels and
overall health, this is surely one you can try in place of coffee.

3. Matcha
You've probably heard a lot about this one. Food bloggers and influencers have done a great
job of making matcha look like the new fresh drink. You'd be surprised to know that matcha is
actually of ancient origin, and is a type of green tea that is made by steamed tea leaves which
are ground to form the green powder we are all so familiar with. Matcha is a great source of
antioxidants as ground bits of actual leaves are consumed instead of extract from leaves in
water as in most teas. You can try matcha with or without milk as an excellent alternative
beverage with no caffeine.

4. Black Tea
Last, and not least, good old tea can be a replacement for caffeine addicts who can't seem to
slow down. What most ex-coffee lovers love about black tea is the eerily similar taste if you just
seep black tea for a few extra minutes. Even though it has some caffeine boost to it, it's much lesser than that of coffee and has added health benefits. Just like coffee, you can take black tea
with or without a creamer depending on your preference or what you're feeling like. Black tea
has been a great alternative for many coffee lovers. You can try a brew for yourself and see if a
daily cup can help cut down your caffeine intake!