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Follow These Ways to Hold Back the Rein of Your Distracted Mind Learn to determine distractions and find your focus by following these ways

By Prerna Singh

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With so much of digital influence in our lives, the focus has been the most chased thing. With every beep of the message, blinking notification lights for the e-mails and ringing phone calls all these technologies are enough for anyone to divert the focused ray.

In today's world where technology is concurrently functional at the workspaces and making tasks easier for the employees, it is affecting the productivity and the output of the employees. Concentration level is diving deep and impatience has reached to the crest. This is affecting the larger sphere of the performance and the work life of the employees.

Imagine yourself sitting in a theatre. There is a spotlight beaming on all the main elements of your life. This is how you need to focus on all the important things while working and excluding all, which is in the darkness.

But, it is not that easy to stick to the assigned task. There are many hacks, tricks, and exercises performed for a focused mind. However, it can be attained only if your mind is ready to focus on focusing.

Eliminating technology will surely take you to the ancient times, and that would make the situation even worse. Entrepreneur India spoke to the new age Entrepreneurs about attaining the undivided focus at the workplace.

Here are some ways to restore your focus.

Identify the Distractions-

To eliminate something you have to find the root cause of it. Observe what really distracts you. Is it your location of work? Is it your surroundings or people around? It can be anything. You just have to keep a keen eye on it.

Sukriti Roy, Cofounder- Bihar Bytes, said that identifying the reasons for distractions and solving the problem is necessary. She believes that one can work with full dedication only if the person is living a sound professional as well as personal life. She added, "If we are happy from within, then automatically our focus in work increases."

Distractions are the productivity killer pinpointing them can help you in focusing in a better way.

Make a Schedule for Every Distraction-

You know why you aren't able to get that mind on track? Have you ever considered that so-called "smartphone' to shut it off for a while? If not, then do it.

Mainly things, which distract us, are our electronic devices. Checking messages, emails, twitters, and scrolling on Instagram for hours can be a time consumer. What of balancing social scrolling and yet not missing any ounce of your focused energy?

Yeah, that is possible.

On the management of the distractions, Lokesh Sabharwal, CEO – suggests that some of the ways to manage these distractions are to schedule time for checking emails and messages and music also can help in staying focused. Short break intervals, proper nutritions, meditation, specific hours for meeting, blocking social media and hearty communication with colleagues can really help in shutting of these distractions. He said, "Some lifestyle changes are also necessary to keep your body and mind at an optimum level and to be free of stress and anxiety at the workplace."

Allot time to these activities. Enjoy your leisurely activities in this time-period. These must be assigned in a way that they do not hinder in your working hours.

Worry Breaks-

Robin Sharma's one of the bestseller, Who Will Cry When You Die, mentions to take worry breaks. When your mind is all struck in the turmoil of your disarranged thoughts, try Robin Sharma's trick. He said that write your worries on a piece of paper as it comes in your mind and resume your work. When you are done with your work, have your worries and ponder on them. This will get you to the better solutions and more productive time. I used to practice this exercise religiously and here I am passing on to you with all my belief and trust in it.

Rishabh Srivastava, Founder- Burdy App he says that every individual faces distractions while working and the interruptions take away the concentration. Making his point on the worry breaks, he told us that, "The individual will need and take some time to restart work on the same task, with the same state and level of involvement, before the interruption took place."

Practice Mindfulness-

Mindfulness is the exercise of meditating. It is necessary to de-clutter your mind. While wandering, our mind jumps on every unnecessary thing at that point in time and sometimes it gets irritating.

Rishabh profoundly believes that mindfulness can make focusing easier for the employees to act thoughtfully. He said, "Instead of reacting to stress, feeling overwhelmed, employees will be more in control of themselves, they will be more aware of themselves and will live in the present." This approach and attitude of the practice of mindfulness will positively impact the organization's culture.

Shut off the thoughts, which trail you to the wandering land. Focus that your focus does not get divert by adhering to these simple remedies, which have just been told to you.

Prerna Singh

Editorial Intern

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