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Spooky Meals: Why Restaurants Love To Scare You On Halloween Halloween's growing popularity in the Indian restaurant business can be attributed to several factors.

By Kabir Singh Bhandari

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Themed parties of this international occasion over the years has become an opportunity for restaurants too for drawing in customers with Halloween parties.

Jason. Chucky. The Count. If you're an avid consumer of scary movies, you would understand the references made above. Add to these various ghouls, witches, monsters and paranormal characters from the world of movies, comics, books and web series, and you have a plethora of options to choose from for dressing up on Halloween. But themed parties of this international occasion over the years have become an opportunity for restaurants too for drawing in customers with Halloween parties.

Halloween's growing popularity in the Indian restaurant business can be attributed to several factors. As Utsav Khaitan, owner and founder of the fine dining restaurant Ditas told us, the occasion provides a unique and fun theme for promotions and events, allowing restaurants to engage customers in a creative way. It offers an opportunity for diversification and innovation in menus, with themed dishes and beverages. "Additionally, the rise of social media and digital marketing has made it easier for restaurants to showcase their Halloween offerings and create buzz among potential diners. Moreover, as Indian consumers become more globally aware and open to new experiences, they are embracing international celebrations like Halloween, providing a lucrative market for restaurants to cater to," Khaitan explained.

Ishaan Bahl, founder, 145 Cafe & Bar mentions another vital point- dressing up. "It's this cool holiday where you can let your freak flag fly without worrying about people judging your fashion choices. What's also driving the Halloween craze is the way it's become a commercial event with costume shops, parties, and, of course, the ever-present social media. It's not just about scaring folks; it's about having a blast," Bahl says.

Photo: 145 Cafe & Bar

The Halloween craze start picking up in the 2010s, and as Pankaj Gupta, founder CIRQA (a cocktail bar and restaurant) puts it, pop culture played a huge part. "With the increase in consumption of international films and TV shows, especially in the last decade, Halloween definitely found a home in India's party scene. The popularity of Halloween has also been encouraged by international alcobev brands, who have been able to introduce the distinctive cultures of their home countries to India. Like how tequila brands celebrate Night Of The Dead themed parties in India," Gupta commented.

Photo: Ditas

Each restaurant has their own themed parties, like the one taking place at Epitome, in Lower Parel, Mumbai. "Restaurants often go to great lengths to curate unique and immersive experiences for their patrons, and when it comes to special occasions like Halloween, the possibilities are limitless. One intriguing concept is organising an Alcatraz-themed Halloween experience, which offers a fusion of eerie ambiance and delectable dining, which has been done by Epitome. In crafting this experience, they have replicated the eerie and haunting aura of the infamous Alcatraz Island prison," Jigar Sanghvi, Marketing Head, Epitome, told us.

Another one is taking place at resto-bar Silly, which has its outlets both in the national capital Delhi and Mumbai. Karan Nohria, the founder of Silly has organized the events where revellers shall come dressed up as beloved characters or mischievous villains. With an obviously spooky theme, they have invited talented artists to entertain, and curate special halloween inspired menus that promise to tantalise the taste buds.

So which Halloween party are you going to? Or would you rather orden in and watch a classic horror movie at home, alone? Just make sure that IT The Clown or any of his ghostly friends aren't watching the the film from under your bed.

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