These #5 Women Bikers are Riding on The Road Less Travelled

These five women bikers are not only following their passion for biking but also building a successful business model around it.

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Busting gender stereotypes, these women are taking the road from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. What sounds more interesting is the fact that they are not only following their passion for biking but also building a successful business model around it. Entrepreneur spoke to five women bikers who are making a career out of something they love.

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55-year-old Moksha Jetley, a single mother, is passionate about her treasured possession - the Silver 350cc Electra. After her first successful tour from Manali to Leh in September 2008, she thought of starting Back ‘N’ Beyond Travels, which brings motor-biking trips to north and south of India at the most competitive rates. The registered company with tourism department of Himachal Pradesh, delivers professional, well-synchronized travel and adventure services to all their clients. “I got my first business tour in July 2009 for Kinnaur and Spiti. After that there was no looking back. Apart from that, I also try to do my bit to create awareness around women issues,” she says.


National awardee Pallavi Fauzdar, 37-year-old biker from Agra, is playing many roles from being a mother of two children to a social worker and an entrepreneur. Pallavi is the first motorcyclist in the world to conquer 15 mountain passes above 5,000 meters altitude in a single trip covering 3,500 kms of Himachal, Leh, Ladakh and Kashmir valley. “I feel my daring rides across India have changed the perception of the entire society that females too can take on adventurous activity and can ride safely and successfully,” she says. Pallavi founded Unicorn Gears, a brand that provides gears for the riding community and ride support equipment in extreme weather conditions.


Pune-based rider, Urvashi Patole is a social media expert by profession and as a passion she has been motorcycling since the past 15 years. Urvashi is the founder of The Bikerni, which is India’s first and largest all-women motorcycling association. It was started in January 2011 with the sole purpose of empowering women through biking. “I noticed a lack of a proper and equal platform for women to rise in the community of motorcycling and hence decided to create a safe haven,” says Urvashi.


Hyderabad-based Deepa Radhakrishnan started riding a geared bike (Yamaha Rx 100) at the age of 17. She came to be known as ‘the Yamaha girl’ by her college mates. Apart from riding bikes, Deepa is also the founder of Gear Spot, which was started with the intention to witness more women on the streets, riding geared bikes for daily commute and to bridge the gender gap at the biking events. Gear Spot conducts classes for women bikers to teach them how to ride a geared motorbike. “I believe bikes are unisex and handling a few gears is not rocket science,” says Deepa.


Along with handling her hospitality business, Anjaly Panickar, a Keralite, is living her passion for motorcycling more than a decade. Anjaly launched ‘The Riderni’ in 2012, a female bikers club based in Ahmedabad. “I observed that unlike other places; Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, not many woman riders came from Ahmedabad. After doing a research, I found that there were few barriers that had to be crossed in order to let women pursue their passion for biking in the city. That was the time when ‘The Riderni’ came into existence, “she adds.
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