Top 5 Thoughts to Incorporate in 2019

The most important thing is, what entrepreneurs need in 2019?

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The answer is simple; we all know it but hate to admit - Work-Life Balance! The key to staying sane, but the tag entrepreneur comes with a heavy burden of never stopping. We turn into machines that never want to stop, sometimes even while sleeping we are dreaming about genius ideas that we can implement in the morning.

Take Time to Feed Your Soul

With this new wave about self-care, which hopefully is here to stay, it is definitely time to do things that make you feel happy from within. We live in such a fast-paced life, with unlimited competition around, it only makes sense to slow down a bit and indulge in the real deeds in life. Find your purpose, a cause that you believe in; do your bit for yourself. People find happiness in different things, some feel happy helping others, some people find happiness in simple routines like drinking their favourite tea, or taking a stroll in the park, whatever it is that makes you feel complete, make time every day to make that happen. Nourishing your soul is as important as feeding your body.

Stop Running a Race, Set Your Own Pace

We know life is short, but that does not mean we start torturing our brain over success. In today's world, social media impressions tell us that someone with a million followers is more successful than someone who has lower followers, but is that really true? Success has different meanings for different people. According to me, career is a part of life, it surely gives you recognition but it cannot be the only thing that measures success. For me success means balance if you are able to wake up every morning with peace of mind if you are able to travel to places with your loved ones if you have a den you can call your office; if you are able to share the wealth you make - You are successful. Therefore, set your own standards of success!

Your Team is Your Investment

Every financial year, do make a new tab on whether you have earned enough goodwill with your employees, your team is what makes you! Make sure to give them respect, comfort & the freedom to show what they are capable of. Make your working atmosphere less tensed & more productive.

Quality is Key

Be it the product industry or service sector, wherever you go & whatever you do make sure to never compromise with quality. Today, every consumer is intelligent & wants value for money. Key to a successful business is a loyal customer. There is no better way to make sure that you get a repeat client than to give them the quality they cannot resist. It is a fact that money can lure you into considering quantity over quality but it can never be a long-term plan.

Don't Let Social Media Take Over Your Life

It is a fact that today we judge our life by what we see around us, especially on platforms like Instagram. There are a million people who live to share every happy moment with a tinge of good editing to make every day look like a dream. Don't let these edited images & perfect captions fool you. Live for the real moments, detox from social media pressures in 2019, make real memories, the kind of memories you wouldn't want to share with the world because they are too good to be true! The constant need to up your game because people you follow on Instagram have set materialistic goals. This can take a toll on your mental health even without you realizing, so my advice would be to sit back in 2019 & challenge yourself to not check your feed constantly. Instead, live life to the fullest & stop comparing! You are enough, cherish that.

Mridul Sawhney

Creative Director & Founder, AM Branding Co

Mridul Sawhney, Visual communication designer from NIFT, Banglore. Founder of a luxury branding studio - AM Branding Co. on a mission to refine India visually. Worked with over 30 brands in India helping them build an iconic brand image offering a suite of art direction, photography, graphic design, styling & more.

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