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By Vaibhav Datar

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Sales have always been an important part of an organization's growth trajectory, be it established organizations or startups. However, since startups are just stepping out in the corporate world, bringing innovation and creating benchmark products they often lose sight of good sales practices that at the end of the help them bolster their revenue. This is where sales coaching comes into play.

Quite different from sales training, sale coaching takes on an intuitive role in building the company's financial status, instead of just forecasting the situation or "suggesting' practices. It believes in results and questions the top management's actions, not to nitpick on their drawbacks but to delve deep into them and get clarification for those decisions. Sales coaching takes past as the reference, works on the present and secures the future. A business coaching is a very close mutually beneficial relationship, where the coach helps business to achieve their goals through clarity and accountability.

It Creates Accountability

Sales coaches are highly experienced people who not only have the knack to pump those numbers up but give founders and CEOs and holistic solution to improve the sales team performance. This can range from taking on new practices to integrating the latest technology in the day to day hustle of the sales workforce. This way, sales coaching creates accountability where the founders are now aware of the ingrained techniques that can help them improve their performance and if not, refer to these changes and bring about improvement in business figures.

Coaching Sets a Defined Path

Sales coaching is conceived with clear ideas in mind which help create a definitive path in order to avoid waste of time and resources in vague agendas. This can be done by helping startups choose the right partners, ACE (Awesome, Compelling and Exciting) vision and great processing to set the tone of the organization irrespective of the trend or the influx of different people. By researching a little about business, partners and other stakeholders, the startup can make the right decisions about the collaborative efforts.

Bringing Clarity

Coaching is a process of moving from confusion to clarity. A coach seeks answers to gain understanding rather than to put people down. When a coach questions a marketing strategy, the coach is really looking for getting clarity on why people feel the strategy will work. It also opens some unaddressed issues and challenges, enabling transparency. A coach with good experience can help you create a solid and robust marketing strategy with a great probability of success. This robustness can be reflected in form of revenue generation, customer expansion, accomplishing sales targets and productivity increase of the employees.

Coaching Helps Overcome Hurdles

Any business or coach has two impending questions

Where is my next big deal coming from?

What could I focus on, in the coming years, to remain profitable?

Whilst the first one is more external dependent, the second question is based on research, facts and figures. To answer the first question, having a vision board, aligning your team for a meeting and, lining your operations team for super quality and timely delivery will help. The second one is deeper and needs greater analysis that should focus on the market scenario, its growth and how to create contingency plans for the upcoming future.

Coaching Brings Relevance to the Industry

Sales coaching though have the common objective of increasing the revenue generation they can be crafted to be industry specific that can increase the core and vitality of the organization to gain a better revenue generation via industrial relevance.

Coaching Encourages Real-Time Results

Since sales coaching is attuned to a calculated path and well-thought procedure, it works towards bringing about real-time results instead of suggestion-based conclusions or predictions. After all real-time results are preferred instead of unfulfilled targets.

Sales Coaching Equates to Optimization

Sales coaching is crafted to bring around sure shot results. This focuses on improving results in limited time & supply, suitable to a startup environment. Therefore, sales coaching helps in optimizing the processes, operations, financials and marketing strategies.

At the end of the day, there are no basic requirements other than the will to succeed for the organization and credibility for the coach and the businesses.

Vaibhav Datar

Mid-life Coach and Author of Bestseller Simplify your Life

Born in the metropolis Indore, Vaibhav completed his schooling in 1992, graduated as an Electronics engineer in 1998 and as a management graduate in 2005. With profound interests in analyzing people and their behaviors, he pursued certification courses in graphology, hypnosis and color analyst from a plethora of institutes. Relentless towards this pursuit, he also endeavoured to become a certified Life Coach & Master Spirit Life Coach from Certified Coaches Alliance, Canada in 2012. Since then, he has assisted a gamut of business people, working professionals and housewives on equal terms in all their issues and has been instrumental in sprucing up their lives. While holding predilections for pursuing Masters in Arts – Positive Psychology, he also loves reading non-fiction, learning new skills and apps, writing blogs, food, playing with kids and above all happiness in life with foremost priority. Channelizing his fervour towards helping people at midlife and beyond, Vaibhav unveiled his book titled ‘Simplify Your Life’ that emphasizes on etching behavioral and mindset changes in an individual’s life that would lead to extreme ecstasy. The book in fact is of major help to entrepreneurs, professionals and parents in inculcating strategies not just at work but at home too. Harbouring 20 years of professional experience, Vaibhav is presently associated with the renowned firms – Procentria Private Limited and Tribe Ground Zero Services Private Limited.

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