Why is Video Content the Future for Businesses Focused on Grabbing Consumers They prefer picking up their smartphones and tablets! This remains a strong reason that the content only succeeds if delivered according to the consumer requirements

By Ashish Gupta

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Each one of us knows that content remains essential to attract, engage and most importantly, convert customers online. We've all even heard the popular expression, "content is king." No doubt this is absolutely true, but it is equally important to consider and understand the medium involved. Right now, the king of content is surely video.

It is time we all must accept that video has become significantly powerful and right now it is all about full-on video revolution. As per recent statistics, 63% of the global businesses have already started using video content marketing as they firmly believe that video marketing gives them a better ROI. Within a small time span, video marketing has become one of the newest additions to every entrepreneur's promotion toolbox.

In the last couple of years, the digital landscape has witnessed a significant shift as people have already started phasing out desktop and laptops to search the web and interact with content. They today prefer picking up their smartphones and tablets! This remains a strong reason that the content only succeeds if delivered according to the consumer requirements. No doubt, the entrepreneurs have also well understood that staying ahead of the changes can give their business a competitive edge in a crowded market.

Here's a lot more about video content and why it is being hailed as the future of content.

Video Enhances Organic Traffic and Conversions

Yes, it isn't just by a small number, either. As stated by several pieces of research and studies, businesses that use video content for marketing witness over 40% more organic traffic than businesses that don't use video marketing. It is not only all about bringing in traffic, the video even helps in converting those visitors into customers. While websites that run videos on their home pages see 20% more conversions, those running video on landing pages sees 80% more. Video content remains to be the most powerful tool for e-commerce clients where products possess a high touch and feel value.

Viewers Retain Information Better than Readers

If someone views information via video, they are said to retain 95% of it, which is a significant number, and this figure becomes all the more exciting when you consider that only 10% is retained through reading. Something worth noticing here is that completion rates increase drastically when viewers are rewarded with something. This may involve anything from giving them access to the Wi-Fi password to other digitally rich content.

Video Content Performs Great across All Channels

One of the key trends dominating digital marketing remains the responsive design. When a marketer's content doesn't perform well on a given device or browser system, the business behind it starts losing traffic and as a result, it suffers decreased conversions. Luckily, video content is apt for consumption on all devices, ranging from your desktops to smartphones. This expands video content's reach while making it user-friendly and customer-oriented.

Introduction of Live Streaming and VR

The two major technological developments – live streaming and virtual reality (VR) – are promising to change how we produce and consume video content. The most advanced amongst all, live streaming has become significantly popular, and we all must be well prepared to witness a virtual reality (VR) explosion. Consumers these days look for quick, first-person experiences that unfold in real-time and for businesses; this could mean allowing the target users to "virtually" attend all important conferences or meetings. This would even help them learn more about consumer behaviour as they monitor user-streamed experiences live.

The Market is Hungry for Videos

We all love videos, don't we? In fact, a survey reflects that over 42% of people hope that marketers will increase the use and production of video-based content for the projects in the future. Among the prevailing trends, businesses are already using four different video genres to grab the eyeballs of the consumers, which include, Product Demos, Testimonials, Instructional content and Explainers. The next evolution in the video space will be listicles, which are popular for written content now and conversational video content, while the overall use of video will only go up due to the simple demand and supply dynamics.

Video Content: A Valuable Content Approach

Due to the easy accessibility, built-in value, and viral nature, video content stands out as the smartest and most intelligent way to approach content marketing today, and in the future. Video marketing is no doubt the perfect way to create content that remains personal and has a real-time, long-lasting impact on the target audience. It possesses an immeasurable ability to create emotion driven sales – and not to forget sales are often personal till a great extent. Buyers always wish to feel great about their choice, and video content, when done in the right manner, is an incredible way to create this special feeling.

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Ashish Gupta

CEO, Docprime.com and CTO, Policybazaar.com

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