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How to Stimulate a High-Converting Marketing Sales Funnel If you want to be in the market race and stay relevant, you have to build, refine, test and fully optimize your marketing growth funnel

By Ankush Mahajan

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The number of consumers opting for selective services and products online has only increased in the present times. This makes it all the more important for an organization to have a strong high converting marketing sales funnel.

To turn leads or visitors into buyers, entrepreneurs should have a strong marketing funnel. There are various stages of developing an absolute funnel. All you need to do is devote time to business analysis and make strategies to double visitors.

Marketers should be aware of the nuances of marketing sales funnel before implementing it to their business. In simple words, a marketing sale funnel is a way of transforming leads into clients. This concept clearly states marketers can capture "n" number of leads at the funnel top and then filter them by their purchasing decisions, thus narrowing down these leads in each phase of the funnel.

Let's Quickly Unwrap the Marketing Sales Funnel Stages:

The funnel has four stages starting from spreading awareness about your business; educating people to help them make a better choice, helping them to reach a decision and a point where the purchase is realized.

This whole process may differ from client to client depending upon your purchasing personas, your niche and the kind of products and services you offer.

In this way, you can outline your business channel with the same number of stages as you need. In marketing automation, Rokon Ahammed, co-founder of Growth Funnel, often describes the most common and relevant funnel stages, terms, and actions so that the marketers have full-fledged information about every aspect.

As an entrepreneur, if you want to be in the market race and stay relevant, you have to build, refine, test and fully optimize your marketing growth funnel.

These are the Four Primary Stages of the Funnel That Marketers Have to Focus on:

Initiate Brand Awareness:

To start with, regardless of whether you are another startup or existing business, you need to introduce your product to the crowd and make them aware of the business you are in.

Awareness is the first stage of the marketing sales funnel. Potential clients are drawn into this phase through showcasing efforts, customer research, and disclosures. Trust and thought authority is built up with occasions, publicizing, expos, content through infographics or website blog posts (curate fully optimized blog posts with the right set of keywords so that you can hook up customers directly from search engines), webinars, trade shows, email marketing (done to educate your targeted customers on how they can make selections and achieve their goals), viral campaigns, and social platforms.

Here, lead generation happens, as primary data is gathered and leads are driven by a lead management system to generate interest towards your product or services for sustaining further down the marketing funnel.

Escalate Interest for Better Conversion:

The interest stage (a stage where the leads start taking more interest in a company's products and services) is an open door for brands to build up an association with the general population in its lead database. As your clients are currently searching for answers to their issues and approaches to accomplish their objectives, this is the right time to convey what makes your brand extraordinary, why you are superior as compared to your competitor and what additional value you have to offer.

If marketers want to further tap on the leads, they can opt for email marketing that allows you to send beautiful email templates. For example, you can send an email about your product's positive aspects, its uses, and benefits in people's daily life.

Commitment to Consideration:

At this stage, the customers are settling on the choice. In any case, they would still have queries or worries before making a purchase. This is the ideal time to address those concerns by targeting and influencing them through different channels like, Facebook, YouTube, Email and Google ads.

Advise customers to ask queries they may have about your product or service. Approach them for useful inputs on what they would want to see from your business. This is an ideal chance to open up a discussion with your shoppers on social platforms and let them realize that you really value them and their suggestions.

For example, if your product has been highlighted by any media publications, you can bring those to light. .. You can use immediate actions to pull them in like a free delivery of the product, or a time guarantee to the product, etc.

This is what is required in sales and if you've ever noticed the moves of some of the best sellers of big brands, you'll see that they work intensely to get your sense of duty regarding something, regardless of whether it's little initially.

Final Purchase Action:

Yeah! This is what marketers want to see last in their marketing sales funnel. Your customer is finally turning in your favor and purchasing the product. A positive experience of the purchaser can prompt referrals that fuel the highest point of the marketing sales funnel and the whole procedure of funnel starts once again.

Ankush Mahajan

Digital marketer & e-commerce consultant at FATbit Technologies

Ankush works as a senior digital marketer and e-commerce consultant at FATbit Technologies, one of India’s leading custom web design/development & start-up friendly e-commerce solutions company. His expertise lies in branding and formulating marketing strategies for business of a number of industries. He has been active in online marketing services for past 5 years.

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