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How to Build an Intrusive Model to Connect with Mobile Audience Marketers for long have been perplexed, trying to understand and more importantly, get hold of an effective model to connect with their target audience on their smart phones.

By Hetin Sakhuja

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What if, for every advertisement that you saw on the tube, you were instantly gratified. And every time you had the chance to get something ranging from online gift vouchers to expensive branded products like motorbikes, smart watches, smart televisions, smartphones and other equally interesting products - would that be worth a watch?

Interestingly, the smart phone generation is moving at a faster pace than most marketers ever anticipated and the gap from what is believed to what is expected differs drastically for this generation. They are a more focused group, realistically aware of their environment and have a more planned approach than the older age-goup preceding them. They have the world at the fingertips literally – thanks to the smartphone.

The faster rate of online acceptance, coupled with low data rates and cheaper smart phones, has revolutionized every little aspect of our daily lives, be it gaming, shopping or banking. Furthermore, the keen sense of the start-ups and the changing trend of established business houses ensuring that all possible offline services are available online, has only spurred this generation to transact and interact more with their mobile devices.

Marketers for long have been perplexed, trying to understand and more importantly, get hold of an effective model to connect with their target audience on their smart phones. And many of them now believe that the next action arena is: "How to build an effective but non intrusive model to connect with their audiences on mobile'.

What's a non-intrusive advertisement?

A non-intrusive advertisement is a reality in the making.Brands are experimenting using mobile driven technology to connect with a cross-section of audiences,across geographies and build aninformation ledcampaign that has value driven acceptance,measurable brand reach,impact and recall. And unlike traditional media, the platform offers its audience an exciting activity, instant deals and rewards to participate. So how does a non-intrusive platform work?


It's a simple mobile app based process of engagement, activity and reward that requires minimalistic efforts. For the marketer, the mobile app provides an information based campaign with a strong connect with their target audience across geographies.

For the participant, the platform provides them with the possibility of winning gifts that could range from expensive white goods, smart televisions, smart phones, two wheelers to online vouchers amongst others, and all that one needs to do, is answer a simplel, brand-led question, the answer to which is available on the brand campaign page itself.

This medium provides marketers measurability of campaign effectiveness on various parameters. Further, the low cost of promotion compared to other mediums, apart from the fact that the audience themselves choose to become a part of the ongoing campaign, makes it worth every rupee.

Mobile Statistics and audience

At present, nearly, 80% of the of total internet users in India have access to the internet on their mobile phones.The youth dominated population, with nearly 65% of the growing population below the age of 35 years, and the growing internet & mobile phone penetration is also a great proposition for brands to connect with audiences using a single medium rather than being scattered across others. This medium has received an encouraging response from users,
Hetin Sakhuja

Techopreneur & Founder of Lucky Stars

Hetin Sakhuja is a technopreneur and the founder of Lucky Stars, a brand-consumer interaction platform through contest driven app.
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