These #5 Mobile Advertising Techniques Never Fail to Woo Customers Location-based marketing has been successful for retail brands and apparels, malls, restaurants, all those segments which have physical as well as online presence

By Andesh Bhatti

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With millennials checking their phones 150 times a day and spending an average of five hours on smartphones every day, mobile devices have emerged as today's leading digital marketing platform. This opens a whole new market for mobile advertisers to target their potential customers.

Here are five mobile marketing techniques marketers must adopt in the age of "the mobile moment"

1. Location-based Advertising

Location-based marketing is the next big thing for all mobile advertisers, taking personalized marketing to the next level. Whether it is about delivering a personalized message in closed proximity to your retail store or an offer discount to people, who have recently just visited a competitor, location-based marketing has a tremendous impact in engaging potential customers for a targeted campaign.

Location-based marketing has been successful for retail brands and apparels, malls, restaurants, cinemas, coffee shops, auto dealers, etc. who have physical as well as online presence. It is highly personal and targeted which improves efficiency. By delivering specific offers to people based on their location, impacts the overall impression as well as the conversion of buyers.

2. Programmatic Advertising

Marketers need their ads to be targeted, personalized and engaging when reaching out to their potential customers. A programmatic advertising takes it to another level.

This technique is simple, efficient and quick; offering real-time data insights and enable optimal ad budgets. Digital advertisers all around the world are tapping into the benefits of programmatic advertising, where large brands are well-aware of its benefits. The E-commerce platforms have experienced a huge impact on their conversion with this form of advertising.

3. In-app Advertising

In-app advertising fuels relevance and engagement leading to retention, loyalty and value. Having the user already engaged with your app, results in enabling topical in-app messages, allowing interaction with the current users at a more personal level. While you see it as a targeted marketing strategy, the user sees it as an idea, offer or suggestion relevant to their app interests.

As an advertiser, one may also select interactive ads through the apps that would be displayed at certain key points during the in-app experience.

4. In-stream Advertising

Video advertising has emerged as a valuable solution for brands, targeting to make a lasting impression on their target audience. In-Stream video advertising is designed to grab the prospective attention as quickly as possible. With the rise of Snapchat and Instagram video, the 15-second clips can be manipulated, edited and produced in several creative ways in enabling brand awareness.

In-stream ads look less advertorial as they are more user friendly and engaging. This is especially true with millennials, who are often blind to banner ads.

5. Advertising on Social Networks

Capture your audiences' attention on the mobile in a more targeted way through social networks. Advertising campaigns running on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram generate significant traffic through the smartphone usage. Digital marketers often use each network for its strengths, for instance, using Twitter for being top-of-mind in a conversation or a trending topic, or use Facebook's plethora of interest and behavioral targeting tools to reach the right target customers.

Digital Marketers need to align their strategy to adhere to the low attention span of mobile consumers. With our experience of working with different brands across sectors, each of these techniques can be duplicated basis the need of the hour. These techniques offer companies the ability to not only increase exposure for businesses and but also retain relevant customers. Key to a successful mobile advertising technique is to keep it short, simple, and engaging. And with the above listed techniques, marketers can strategically tap their target audience more efficiently.

Andesh Bhatti

Founder and CEO, Collectcent

Andesh Bhatti is the Founder & CEO of Collectcent. For over 18 years Andesh has been running strategic portfolios for driving revenues and scaling businesses in Mobile and IT domains. His passion lies with the intersection of the internet and mobile and the innumerable possibilities it has created. Under his leadership, Collectcent has grown more than 200% YoY and is a profitable startup without external funding.

Andesh’s passion for technology and deep understanding of the advertising business led him to start Collectcent in 2013.

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