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Most Effective Ways to Turn Your Website Visitors Into Subscribers Don't mess up your home page with a lot of information, be straightforward in telling what you offer and what visitors can get from you

By Sunil Paul

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If you are getting a sigh of relief after having an attractive, highly functional and fully featured website for your business, let's remind you that it is just starting; actual work is yet to begin. Now is the time to optimize your website for the search engines, attract maximum visitors, increase the sales, in order to drive your business towards success.

However, the issue is even after having an attractive and feature-rich website, the website owners are unable to turn their visitors into subscribers and customers. Even in cases when there is enough traffic on the website, majority of the visitors return from the page they have visited and this increases the bounce rate.

But, the advanced technology offers the solution for every problem. There are numerous ways you can make a good impression on your website visitors and get them become your subscribers. Here are the most effective strategies to convert maximum of your website visitors into subscribers.

  • Make your Home Page Inviting and Welcoming

Undoubtedly, the home page is one of the most visited pages of your website. So, you need to make it an inviting and welcoming one. Rather than messing it up with a lot of information, be straightforward in telling what you offer and what visitors can get from you. Though it will turn away the visitors not interested in your services, the ones who will stay, would definitely be the qualified leads.

  • Keep Your Sign-up Form a Short One

After a visitor spends a specific amount of time on your website, it means he is looking for one or more of the services/products you are providing. Having a sign-up form at the right place on your home page will let you get his details and interact with him personally to know his requirements.

However, you must keep the sign-up form short as no one prefers filling up the unending columns of information; it should contain only the relevant information like the name, email address and contact information.

  • Be Concise in Explaining Your Services

Make sure that the content on your website is to the point that would let the visitors know what you offer. If the visitor is not getting about your services/products, he will definitely to leave the website. So, what you can do is being concise while providing information about your business. Avoid writing long paragraphs and mention the details in bullet points. You should provide the information in such a way that the visitors can skim through it and can know where they need to click next.

  • Become a Problem Solver Rather Than Being a Seller

If you really want to attract more subscribers and customers, try to be a problem solver for them. Rather than marketing your services and products directly, let the visitors know that how your services/products are going to solve their particular issue. This strategy would let them feel cared for and they are more likely to become your subscribers.

  • Try to Create Personal Experience for Every Visitor

Every content, whether it is an image, text or video, should be created and displayed in such a way that every visitor should feel it is created for him only. Your content should be much interactive and engaging that the visitors would get personalized experience from it.

  • Stay Above the Fold

Most of the visitors skim through the content displayed on the top of the page for finding desired information. Either they visit the next page (in the case they find something relevant) or they leave the website; they don't prefer scrolling down to the bottom to find what they are looking for. So, in order to increase your subscribers and customers, you must place all the essential elements above the fold only. It can be the calls-to-action, email signup forms or any other element.

  • Take Advantage of Lead Generation Tools

There are many paid and free lead generation tools that you can use to increase your subscribers and customers. A few examples are Winbounce (free), Optinmonster (paid) and GetSiteControl (paid). The customizable features of these tools let you strategize your marketing efforts as per the needs of the target audience. By creating custom widgets, forms and more, you can interact better with your visitors and this will help you increase the number of subscribers.

It is not about displaying a lot of content on your website but it's about placing it the right way and using it effectively to bring the desired results. The above-given tips will definitely let you use your website's content the perfect way to generate more leads and convert the maximum of the visitors into subscribers.

Sunil Paul

IT- Freelancer

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