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10 Ways How Consumers Envision AI to Impact Lives by 2030 The report by Ericsson highlights responses from 6,500 early adopters in 13 cities around the world regarding AI scenarios in next six years

By Entrepreneur Staff

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What is artificial intelligence? The technology operates on a large spectrum, from providing customized suggestions while online shopping to creating a quirky-creative meme. The possibilities of what AI can do, good or bad, is endless.

According to a recent report by Ericsson's 'ConsumerLab's 10 Hot Consumer Trends,' 75 per cent of respondents predict that AI shopping assistants will make advertisements obsolete; six in ten will use plastic surgery to get the right AI-generated beauty standard look; 68 per cent predict that AI will be able to clone their friends to be part of their stories; and 50 per cent will simulate their marriages for future changes or divorce.

The report highlights responses from 6,500 early adopters in 13 cities around the world regarding AI scenarios in next six years.

Here are 10 Ways How Consumers Envision AI to Impact Lives by 2030:

1. Artificial shoppers

Imagine a world where personalized AI assistants offer tailor-made shopping advice and take care of and refill household essentials. With AI overpowering advertising, will the industry become obsolete? Almost three in four consumers interviewed think so.

Eight out of ten anticipate that the advertising industry will redirect its focus towards targeting digital shopping assistants to influence purchasing decisions, rather than directly targeting humans.

The report also indicates that 75 percent of the respondents predict that tech and advertising giants like Google, Meta, TikTok, and Amazon will lead the charge in minimizing intrusive ads, for example by offering shopping assistants that could continue influencing consumer behavior.

2. Generative fashion

Social media is reshaping what we think of the world and how we want the world to think about us.

According to the report, 6 in 10 believe that humans will use plastic surgery to get the right AI-generated beauty standard look by 2030. This leads two out of three people to believe that AI-generated models, influencers, and media imagery will impact the perception of real humans, potentially causing discomfort.

3. Sentient screenplays

There will be a heavy influence of AI in the entertainment industry as it will blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. 68% foresee the ability to AI clone their friends to be part of their narratives Seventy nine percent of early adopters envision a future where one will be able to create their own interactive stories, ranging from rom-coms to sci-fi adventures.

4. Human digital twins

AI simulations are cropping up to be believed that it will guide every decision you make. This was first adopted by NASA for their spaceships. The study suggests that 80 percent of people will be using AI simulations for life-altering decisions such as buying houses or stocks.

But that's not it. Fifty percent of early adopters believe people will simulate their marriages to foresee changes or even pre-emptively file for divorce.

However, 58 percent believe that the future innovators will be those who dare to ignore AI's advice.

5. Programmed progeny

Will humans become preoccupied with taking proper care of their children? 78 percent of early adopters believe in the idea that an AI-customized caregiver will have a positive impact on their lives. However, 74 percent are concerned about the potential diminishing of human values.

6. Govern by AI

A society governed by AI. No, it's not sci-fi but a rather possibility for almost 3 out of 4 respondents who believe that AI could create better-governed cities and states. Interestingly, 86 percent believe that this form of government will personally improve their lives.

However, 54 percent that believe that a competition between AI's for economic resources will become true, also believe such competition will lead to harm.

7. Empower-less employees

AI is impacting us all, personally and professionally. Sixty-seven per cent believe that AI will be necessary to get good job positions.

On the contrary, 70 per cent predict a future where increased AI productivity will lead to shrinking human salaries. Of these, 72 per cent also predict that this development will be a threat to their personal financial well-being.

8. Data disorder

Seventy-four per cent believe that citizens to access the welfare system may have to share intimate details of their lives, including health, location, energy consumption, and exercise.

A worrying 77 per cent feel that hackers flooding AI systems with false data will lead to distorting outcomes.

9. AI running wild

A small section believes that AI systems are already exhausting the internet's data buffet. Seventy-four per cent think people will continue using AI assistants even if they occasionally offer bad advice.

Lastly, 59 per cent section thinks that future co-existence with AIs could become difficult.

10. Key keepers

Remember JARVIS? Seven in 10 believe button clicking, ID card swiping, and remembering logins will become unnecessary, and that AI will handle such tasks for you.

However, concerns arise about potential overreliance on AI, as 52 per cent worry about the difficulty of managing payments without a personal AI assistant.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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