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A Visionary Pedagogue: Ujjwal Singh Infinity Learn caters to learners from almost 4,000 cities in India, both through paid and free content offerings.

By Priyanka Tanwer

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Ujjwal Singh Founding CEO, Infinity Learn

A pivotal moment unfolded for Ujjwal Singh when a simple yet profound question shattered the routine and illuminated the path ahead in the education sector – did the child truly learn? These words, spoken by his father laid the cornerstone of Infinity Learn's philosophy and he launched Infinity Learn in 2021, where education isn't bound by time but fuelled by a relentless pursuit of meaningful knowledge transfer.

Singh finds creativity in simplicity where he believes magic happens. "When I'm out walking - no earphones, no distracting music, just me and the open road. It's when I take these quiet walks alone, without any gadgets that's when I get my best ideas," he said.

"There's something about the act of walking that clears the clutter from my mind, paving the way for creative solutions to emerge. While I sometimes may find solace in dreams, but that happens rarely," he added.

Singh spends time alone with his thoughts, usually with just a pen and paper. "If I'm feeling a bit stuck, I prefer to go for a walk and let my mind wander. Once I've thought things through, I'll come back and write them down. I've always preferred writing with pen and paper over digital devices," he said.

Speaking on how to know your customer needs, he said that he believes in a direct approach. "While there may be various theories and ideologies about whether customers always know what they want, I find that education, one of the oldest systems worldwide, offers a valuable perspective. And I believe that customers fairly know what they want," he said.

"While we may have a fair understanding of our customers' desires, it's crucial to validate this understanding by engaging with them directly. This involves creating prototypes, seeking feedback repeatedly, and, most importantly, having conversations with them. It's when we present something that sparks genuine excitement and that's the best way to get the validation," Singh added.

He believes that creativity without a business perspective is akin to building the Taj Mahal without considering whether it will capture the hearts of visitors. Similarly, constantly aiming for ambitious goals without practicality may lead to chasing unreachable dreams.

"In contrast, business revolves around problem-solving. However, the solutions crafted must not only address genuine needs but also be economically viable. The true test lies in whether customers value these solutions enough to support them financially," he added.

Singh suggests that creativity without economic value won't help in the long run. While you may create something remarkable, without economic viability, it won't attract buyers. "Aim to find the most innovative solutions within the given economic constraints," he added.

Infinity Learn caters to learners from almost 4,000 cities in India, both through paid and free content offerings. On the global front, its free content reaches learners in over 200 cities worldwide. The brand is now focused on extending its coverage to more cities, towns, panchayats, taluks, and villages each year. It is also actively exploring opportunities to establish centers in Nanded, Jalgaon, and Noida.

Number of people employed: 1,250
Turnover: Closed FY 2023-24 with 200 crores
Year of Inception: June 2021
Key customers: NEET, JEE aspirants in grade 11th & 12th

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