Apple Announces Brand New Features Of WatchOS 8. And We're Here To Tell You All About It!

By Puneet Kapani

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Recently, Apple declared the release date of watchOS 8 at the WWDC 2021 keynote. Several exciting updates and features have surfaced with the release and people are truly amazed. Here are the top 5 features that have taken the prize for us:

Smart Home Upgrades

Apple's watchOS 8 allows users to control their home appliances easily without any remote control. watchOS 8 has an in-built home kit upgrade through which you can access security cameras. You can even have a look at the status of devices connected with your Apple watch. Apple has enabled a mindfulness feature in its new watchOS 8 which is powered by wireless technology.

Accurate Respiratory Rate Readings

In the previous version, watchOS 7, a sleep tracker was included. Still, users lacked completing their sleep cycles due to overnight disturbances. watchOS 8 features a new update in which users will be able to track their sleep metrics and observe their wellness. How? With sleep respiratory rate calculation, any changes in sleep patterns and changes in wellness will be recorded.

Portrait Styled Photos

The upcoming watchOS 8 will also have an adaptable portrait-style photo watch face. The user can share these easily through iMessage. The photo will be layered on the top of time and date, with a blurry background behind the watch's information, and a snug fit to the frame. For all stylish fitness freaks, this is a much-needed touch.

A New Photo App

Previously, an Apple user could only view photos from iOS phones. watchOS users will be able to view memories or collages at their wrists with a new software photo app. You can also share personalized photos via mail through your wristwatch. This is another one for photogenic Apple watch lovers.

Excellent Messaging Tool

Apple's watchOS 8 will grant hassle communications. You can even scribble, send emojis, dictate to create messages, share GIFs, and can scroll down through messages to correct a typo. Share your contact list through a wristwatch, or whatever you like, anytime, anywhere with watchOS 8.

Puneet Kapani

Former Features Editor

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