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Changing the World with a Third-World Mentality: Feeding Knowledge to the Hungry Once you begin to think that you've "made it," you allow other people to catch up and pass you in the marathon

By Sashin Govender

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When you're a product of a third-world environment, you know what it's like to be hungry. Not for food, but hungry for change, hungry for impact. When you decide to build an empire, you should have the desire to implement change, even when you've acquired monetary success. You should want a trickle-down effect to take place, starting with changing yourself; then you'll have the ability to create change within your city. Knowing that once a city becomes better, it has the power to change a country. Once the country becomes better, the world begins to change.

This world is filled with life-changers. You have the power to create change within yourself and others. Whether you realize it or not, when you feed yourself knowledge and positivity, you begin to change your mentality. Similar to diabetes, negativity is a silent killer. Once you feed yourself healthy foods, or in this case, positivity, you begin to reverse the negative effects of what the world has brainwashed you to believe. The "can't" begins to turn into the "I can." The "I don't know how" turns into "let me learn how." Unconsciously, you start to put out positive energy through your actions and without realizing, you're feeding people's conscious mindset. When you change the mindset, the actions begin to change. The mission is to feed the hunger in yourself; here's how:

Work Like Your Broke

This is the mindset that you have to develop, even if you have the money and your dream car. Have you ever felt like although you have everything you've ever worked for, it's still something missing? If the answer is yes, it's because there is a missing puzzle piece to your success. The missing piece is, which you'll soon realize, is something that no amount of money can buy. At the next level, is a vision to change to the world. When you have the desire to change the world, one person at a time, it means that your job will never be done, regardless of how big the check is. And BOOM! The hard pill to swallow is that you will have to love what you to so much to where work doesn't feel like work.

Some people equate success to money and once they've reached that level of success, they get comfortable. The worst thing about success is that you never know when you have a little or a lot. You should never feel like you've "arrived" or "made it" because once you do, you begin to trick your mind to believe that you can't do better. Most people strive to achieve "a lot" but they don't realize that their potential is beyond what they already have. There is always someone out there with more money or a bigger house than you. Most importantly there is ALWAYS someone out there who is working harder than you. Once you begin to think that you've "made it," you allow other people to catch up and pass you in the marathon. That's why it's important to run in your own marathon of success, facing forward, not looking left or right.

Define What Success is and be Real

You have to go into building your own businesses with a goal to create opportunities for others. The Millionaire Student is an empire whose goal is to change lives and create generational wealth. It's okay to have businesses that are primarily to make money but with those companies, you also want to employ the unemployed and increase the unemployment rate, one per cent at a time. The point is, is that even if it's a blank check on the table, accomplishing your goal to make a change should fulfil a desire that money can't touch.

Instead of focusing on the number next to the dollar sign, shift your focus on the number of success stories. When teaching people your ways of success, some people will listen and some won't. But the ones that listen will take the knowledge, apply it, and hopefully give the people that didn't listen, an opportunity. The vision is to create an opportunity to create opportunities. When you decide to chase the vision, you'll begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My advice: Whether it takes you 5, 10, or 15 years of your life, focus on what success looks like to you and have tunnel vision even after you've gotten to that level because you are more than what you can see.

Always be a Student

With being a student in the classroom of life, it's important to train your mind to be in a constant state of learning. Many people want to be a student until they feel like they have enough knowledge to become teachers. But take a moment and think. You go to elementary school and then graduate. Then it's time for middle school and once we graduate from there, we move on to high school. After high school is done, and you've learned the fundamentals, we learn from this institution called, LIFE. Life is constantly teaching us something new. It's up to us to accept the lessons and learn from other people and situations. You should strive to be the student that learned from the lessons that were taught yesterday and apply it to the battles that you'll face today.

Sashin Govender

Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Sales Coach

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